Spooky Pumpkin Scarecrow!

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Well it’s October!!! Woo! Hoo! The most wonderful time of the year! Time to get my haunt on! This project is an easy one! Aren’t you so tired of the same old decorations year after year in the stores, and the ones in the Halloween pop-up stores are so expensive that they hardly seem worth it. So every year I try to recreate those expensive props by using the old to make new.

Materials: Faux Scarecrow, faux pumpkin, 5/8 x 36 dowel, hangers, zip ties, black spray paint, hot glue and gun.

This is one of those happy scarecrows, a “Celebrate it”, Harvest Scarecrow from Michaels they have out in the front every year. I decided he would look much better with a facelift!  So here’s my How-to!


First with your scarecrow, if you aren’t using the one I did, you will need one with a Bamboo base that goes all the way to the top of his neck. This one was Frankenstein.  (I liked his outfit, but it will be spruced up too.) Carefully pull his head off. It is hot glued, but don’t worry we are going to cover all the left over glue with a scarf.

Now you need to choose a faux pumpkin, mine is kinda deformed, but in a good way, again Ashland from Michaels. Paint a face on your pumpkin with acrylic black paint and let dry.

Next take a dowel large enough in diameter to fit snug inside the Bamboo hole on the neck end of the scarecrow. Mine was 5/8 x 36″. the same size I used for the topiary in my previous Halloween post. This is your new head base. (Think of it as a topiary, with a dowel base.) Measure/estimate how far inside the pumpkin the dowel needs to be, to be snug. My pumpkin was small on the back side, so it was cut to 5 inches. To cut your dowel take a hacksaw and cut it down. (Don’t worry it’s easy just secure it in a vice and hack away.)

Next turn your scarecrow over, cut a small hole in the back of the jacket and push Bamboo pole end through fabric. Hot Glue or wood glue the small dowel inside the Bamboo hole (it’s easier if you fill the hole with glue first, just sayin)

To make his arms stand out I used wire coat hangers. Pull the hangers to stretch them straight leaving the hook on one end. Insert the end with the hook inside the sleeve of the scarecrow and bend the hook tightly around the bamboo pole inside his jacket. Repeat for other side. I then bunched up the straw already hanging from his arm and bunched it around the wire to hide it, then put a zip tie to secure it close to the end of the wire coat hanger.


Before I added my head I spray painted the jacket lightly with black paint. I wanted him to look a little old.  Next hold your pumpkin and estimate how you want his head to hang and mark the bottom of the pumpkin. Drill a hole in the bottom, using a large drill bit, large enough for the dowel to fit through. Or you can cut a hole with a knife. Place the pumpkin head on the dowel, you can hot glue it at the base so it wont move, just in case it is windy outside.

I had some scrap spooky black fabric I use for Halloween and cut a strip around 5 inches wide and tied it around his neck to hide the hardware in his shirt. Hot glue it in place to secure it. And ta-da he is all too cute and very scary.

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