Tomato Cage Ghost Prop


Looking for an easy way to make large Halloween Prop Characters for your yard haunts? Using tomato cages can be an easy way to get the body shape, height and stability for your prop.

All you need is a ground breaker prop or flying ghost prop to turn them into a large Halloween Creeper!

 Here’s how to do it~

Tomato Cage Ghost


  • 2 5’4″ tomato cages
  • 1 smaller tomato cage for small creeper
  • Zip ties
  • Old clothes
  • Old fabric
  • Halloween masks, ground breaker props or flying ghosts props


I wanted a really tall creeper so I started with two 5’4″ tomato cages.


I bent one inward a little to simulate a chest area, making it oval instead of round.


Stack them on top of one another to get the right height.


Make the wires even in the front, then zip tie them secure the wires so they will not be able to move.

photo(23)My Tomato cage had 6 prongs on top so bend the two side ones down like arms.  Bend the back one down and curve it back up to make a neck.

The wire is really flexible, I did this pretty easy with my hands. Bend the rest of the wires down inside the cage.


Take old fabric and drape it over top of cage around neck. Safety pin the fabric all the way down the back.

photo(29)I used a long hanging skeleton prop. The head was made out of styrofoam and it already had hands so it is perfect for this project.

 I just sit him on the neck wire of the tomato cage and it was done! His fabric draped perfectly over the other fabric!

If you do not have a decoration like that lying around, you can add more fabric. Drape it over the arms to where hands should be.

Add some of the mesh creepy Halloween fabric and drape it on top of the other fabric for an even better scary effect.

You could also use a plastic or foam skull or a foam head from a beauty supply store and cover it with a mask.

Bulk the body up with newspaper. Ball up the paper and place around the wire and secure with masking tape or use a swimming noodle by cutting a slit down the center of the foam and place it on the wire.

For the small Creeper just bend the wires and add your creeper & fabric.

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3 thoughts on “Tomato Cage Ghost Prop

  1. Beth Orlowski says:

    I love it…. thanks so much! I will be making this and sharing this also! Bring on more Halloween ideas! 🙂

  2. I am definitely pinning this for next year! I made a tree out of a tomato cage last Christmas. I am trying to figure out why my brain didn’t carry on the tomato cage to other holidays! Your ghouls are amazing!

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