Tomato Cage Ghouls

Tomato Cage Ghouls

For Halloween I really like the large Halloween characters, but man are they expensive. So I decided to make my own. Searching around the hardware store, I decided to use tomato cages.  I wanted a really tall guy so I started with two 5’4″ tomato cages. I bent one inward a little simulate a chest area, then stack them on top of one another to get the right height. Make them even in the front I then zip tie the wires secure so they aren’t able to move.


My Tomato cage had 6 prongs on top so bend the two side ones down like arms, the back one bend down and curve back up to make a neck, the wire is really flexible, I did this pretty easy with my hands. then the rest of the wires I just bent down inside the cage. Next find some old fabric and drape over top of cage around neck and I safety pinned it all the way down.


I had this hanging skeleton creature (black figure in pic) from last year and his head happened to be made out of styrofoam, and he already had hands, so I just popped him on the neck wire and walla! It was done! But if you do not have an old decoration like that lying around you just take more fabric and drape on arms over where hands would be, then I added some of that Halloween creepy fabric and draped it on top for a better scary effect. Then take a skull made of foam or a foam head from a beauty supply (Party City is selling them with masks) and cover it with a mask, or if you just have a mask you can fill it with balled up newspaper, then place it on the wire for the neck and Voila! Instant big monster man.

Also if you want to bulk him up and put clothes on him. You can take newspaper and ball it up and place around the wire and then masking tape it to the wire for the thickness of the arms, I have also seen where someone took an old swimming noodle and cut it up and placed it on the wire for arms which also looks nice. Good Luck and get creative! I would l love to see what you come up with! Any questions please email me! And please follow my blog I have so much more to share! See my other Halloween posts for more Spooky Crafts!

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