Skeleton Chandelier

Skeleton Chandelier

Halloween is just a week away! Woo Hoo! Here’s a pic of my skeleton chandelier, it’s a little unclear but the sun is so bright during the day that it is almost impossible to get a good pic! If I can get a better one I will replace it.

My Chandelier is decorated with one of my creepy skeletons, I added some moss, black sparkle flowers and some birds and it’s instant spooky! I will be putting up pics of my table set up sometime this week as I am in decor mode getting ready for my party next weekend! Now off to find a costume!

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One thought on “Skeleton Chandelier

  1. I REALLY like this! Too bad I do not have a chandelier. 🙁 HOWEVER… I do have a really great sky light in our front entry -I bet a skeleton could hang out there…

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