No Heat Curls!


After seeing this NO heat curls link this morning, this is defiantly something I have to try. I have to say, being a cosmetologist, and having thin hair, believe me I have tried everything to make curling my hair easier without damaging it and breaking it off. Perms, hot rollers, professional curling irons, all kinds of gizmos, you name it I’ve tried it. So, I am running out today to get a head band for me and my daughter and I will update you on the results we have!

My recommendations on the video:  I have fine thin hair and I will tell you if you have hair like mine, you should probably not brush it out like the girl in the video, it will make the curl fall out fast. Just run your fingers through the curls, shake them out a little, maybe use hairspray on them. Also you could use a small amount of styling gel, mousse, or spray before you dry your hair and start wrapping. The lady in the video used an oil based conditioner because her hair was coarse and dry with frizz after it is dried, if your hair isn’t like hers it will be limp after it is done if you use what she uses. So use what you normally use for your hair type.

Here’s what we did….She shampooed her hair and let it air dry. I then sprayed hairspray on her hair since her hair is so soft it would not stay tight under the band. When I got to the back at the end, I wrapped her hair through the band as many times as I could and then secured it with a barrette so it wouldn’t unravel itself during the night, because her hair is fine and really soft I was afraid it wouldn’t stay.  The next morning I just removed the band and ran my fingers through it and shook it out a little and above is what you get!  Mine came out like a spiral perm. Too hard for me to get a pic of myself, though.

Roll hair with a headband

Remove headbad, curls!

Definitely something we will be doing again! Sooo cute & easy!

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