Instant Powdered Wig

Spray Painted Wig Made in a DayAfter looking all around for a wig for my Halloween costume I found this Marie Antoinette style wig, but it wasn’t, well, there yet….. So I teased it, yelled at it and it still wasn’t right.

After an hour or so of fighting with it. I decided it was too thick. That’s when I broke out the thinning shears! After a can of freezing spray and some more teasing, I finally think I got it to look somewhat 18th century.  Something was just off though, it just didn’t look powdered. Then I had my light bulb moment!!! Spray Paint!!!! Yes I said spray paint!! Scary huh? Who knew it would work so well on a wig!!! Here’s what you do~

Instant Powdered Wig


  • Baroque Marie Wig
  • White matte spray paint
  • Freeze It hairspray
  • Wide tooth comb 
  • Metal wig pick


Here’s what I did: Set and style the wig like you want it. For synthetic wigs it’s best to take them out of the bag when you first get them and shake them out and hang them on a styro foam form or something similar (a couple of rolls of toilet paper stacked up will do). Use a wide tooth comb or pic to fluff them up, using a brush is a no-no, it may cause the wig to frizz.

Spray Paint Wig

I worked in the wig industry for many years, so here’s a few tips I’ll share on wig care: If your wig is really bad right out of the bag and it just doesn’t look like you want it to, as some cheap wigs sometimes do, you can wash them in a sink full of cold water with a dime size amount of shampoo.  DO NOT USE HOT WATER this will pull out the curl, wave or shape. Swish them around in the water a little and hold at front edge and gently rinse with cold water.

Do the same thing with conditioner to soften it, if it needs it. Fill a sink full of cold water with a dime sized amount of conditioner, swish and soak awhile if you like. Rinse in cold water. Gently blot and roll it up in a towel, shake it out and let it dry completely, before combing through it. Combing while it is wet will slightly relax the curl.

If the goal is to remove curl froma wigh then you wash and rinse in warm to hot water. (I would go with warm first, if nothing happens then go a little hotter. Just be aware though, some wigs just will not relax at all, some will relax immediately, some will matte up). Use caution…nothing like messing up your costume at the last minute.

Style the wig as you like. When you are finished spray the wig heavily  with hairspray (I used “Freeze It” because regular hairspray felt too limp and would not hold, mine was a big style so it needed the super strong stuff).

Spray Painted Wig

Now on to the spray paint!! I used regular old cheap spray paint in White Matte. My wig was really brassy, yellow and see through so this made it nice and opaque.

Apply the spray lightly all over, about 10-12 inches away, you don’t want clumps that wont dry on the hair. I did three light coats all over and then some extra concentration on the front and underneath the curls. Let it dry about a half hour between coats. Then I added a couple of bows and that’s it! Instant Powdered Wig!! I came out awesome, even better than the pics show!


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5 thoughts on “Instant Powdered Wig

  1. well it seems spraypaint was definitely the answer to this dolly parton-esque before! i loved the line where you say you teased it and yelled at it, that’s funny!

    1. Crazy right! I can’t believe it worked either! I wore it last night and it was great! Thanks for the invite your Linkup ! I posted it a few minutes ago!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the coolest idea ever! Never would have thought to spray paint a wig. Looks amazing 😀

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