Sewing a Bow

sew a bow

Sewing a bow ~This morning I embarked on a sewing adventure! After pulling out the old sewing machine and searching for a tutorial for a bow to add to my Halloween costume. I came up with a great easy one!  Kudos to the girl who posted this video, you were a lifesaver! And so now I am going to pass it on to you guys!

Here is my version: I needed a large bow for the back of my costume, so I cut the fabric larger than the video. I also made a tail for the bow by just cutting a long piece of fabric, turned it inside out and sewed it up the side and one end. I then turned it inside out to show shiny side and pressed it with an iron. Sew the other end closed on the shiny side with the machine, then push in the seam you just made so it is inside the end of the fabric then press it, whip stitch that end closed to hide the seam and viola it is done. Insert tail into the center ring holding the bow and hand stitch in place so it wont slide out.

Below is the video that was my inspiration!


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