Quick Monogram Wreath!

Quick Monogram Wreath

I bought a few wreaths a couple of weeks ago to add to my Christmas decor, but I just couldn’t find a place for them. Then it hit me make them into something else! This is the fastest thing I have made this year!! Fifteen minutes and I was done!!

Monogram Wreath

Materials: 1 or 2 small wreaths (not the solid metal circle kind,) mine did not have a size on the tag, but it is smaller than 18 inches, for the “P”. I only needed one wreath, depending on what letter you are trying to make you may need two. One to make the wreath, one to cut up and make extra appendages for the letter.  A ribbon, wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors.

Search around the edge of the wreath for the binding. It can be tough to find. If yours does not have one you may have to cut with wire cutters. Mine had a wire holding it together so I cut the wire and it came apart very easily. Shape wreath into the letter you are using. I twisted the branches together to make the bend connect to the back on the “P”.  Squeeze the branches to make thinner areas. I also added a few branches from another wreath to make the longer curl on the bottom of the “P”. Add a ribbon and hang it up!!! So Simple! You can leave this up all year…just change the bow!


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