Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Winner!

Holiday Cookie exchange winner

My Partner in Crafty Crime friend Kimberly has done it again! After much collaborating about how she could out do her fellow cookie exchange party contestants this year, she came up with this fabulous Christmas Cookie Tree! She won first place!! Woot Woot! Congratulations Kimberly…so happy for you!

Now I will share her secrets with you! She baked some wonderful Biscotti, cut them into slices, or just buy them, 3 dozen is what is required for your average cookie party, then dip the end of half of the 3 dozen Biscotti in white chocolate, and the other half of the 3 dozen in milk chocolate, then add sprinkles! Place each piece of Biscotti in a small cellophane bag, then pin them to a 18 in Styrofoam cone. Layer them to look like branches of a tree. She used all 3 dozen. Add some ribbon, candy that looks like ornaments and that’s it!! She won and believe me she has some stiff competition! Yay! Kimberly! Too cute and so simple! Cookie exchange winner

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