Monogram Burlap Ottoman Up-do!

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I found this great ottoman at one of my thrift store haunts, it just had great bones and for a whopping $5 I couldn’t resist! ! I researched a lot of different ways to go about this and since I had never attempted an upholstery job before.

I found out there are lots of difficult ways to go about this process. No wonder furniture is so expensive. So, I opted for my own easy version and it turned out great!

Monogram Burlap Ottoman


  • Footstool/ottoman
  • 1 yard of burlap fabric
  • 5 packs of 25, Hillman Furniture Nails in Bronze (Lowes)
  • Hot glue gun w/glue for fabric and wood
  • Hammer
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Acrylic paint in brown, black and bronze
  • Rotary cutter & mat
  • X-Acto knife/scissors
  • Plain sheet of cardstock paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Paint brush and sponges for stencils.


makeover ottoman with burlap

This particular ottoman did not have screws underneath to remove the cover, replace the fabric and just staple gun it down like chairs do.

Remove old cover and nails

So I loosened the fabric all the way around with a hammer and flat head screw driver. The fabric cover was sewn to fit this ottoman and since I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine, I decided on hot glue! Much faster with less headache!

I was going to just toss the original cover, but underneath it was a cushion and a lot of loose batting. I was afraid without the cover the batting would bunch up and show through under the Burlap.

I went with leaving it on to keep the cushion & batting in tact and just cover the old covering. When I pulled the edges of the cover up there were these super sharp little nails on a cardboard strip rolled into the edges of the fabric, similar to carpet nails, holding the cover on. I removed them and the cardboard so I would not cause severe injury to myself.

Cut and cover with burlap

Place your burlap fabric over the top and measure about 3-4 inches beyond the edge of the cover and wood you are going to glue to. Cut the fabric with a rotary cutter and drape evenly over ottoman.

Folded edge of oottomanStart at one end pull lightly and tuck in the fabric even with the edge of the cover and glue down tight. Work your way around leaving the corners for last.

Fold burlap for egde of ottoman

When you get to the corners fold and tuck them tightly and as neat as you can get them.

Fold and glue burlap corner

Glue them down inside the folds on the outside so they will not bulge out when finished.

fold under and glue

This is what it should look like when folded and glued.

hammer nails to ottoman

Use the bronze furniture nails and hammer them in all the way around. This takes a few tries to get them hammered in straight. Once you get the hang of it, the process will go faster.

I used a ruler in the beginning to get my spacing right. If you get them uneven just pull it out and try again.

{Hint: Buy extra nails you will need them}! This helps to hold down the fabric and the glue. If you do not like this look you could leave them off, as long as you used enough glue it should be fine.

Hammer nails all away around ottoman

I think this idea came out great! But when I was finished it looked a little… well, plain. I didn’t have one of those popular french stencils on hand so I decided to make my own. I opted for easy, using just a simple letter monogram stencil made with an ink jet printer.

Ink Printer stenciling

Pull up a Word Document and manually change the font size to 700. I Pick your font and print it out. Take a X-acto knife and cute out the letter. Spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive and center it on the fabric.

Injet printer stencil on fabric

I mixed three colors of paint and tried them out to see which one I liked the best for the shade of Burlap I chose. Then I took a paint brush and painted the thick letter areas and used a sponge to lightly dab the paint on the thin areas and edges.

My paper was starting to soak up the paint and wrinkle so I removed it right away so it would not bleed the paint outside the stencil. You can try the similar freezer paper method, I know some other crafters do.  For me regular copy paper worked just fine, as long as you remove it right away.

And that’s how it was done! Up-doing this ottoman was so much easier than I thought! I can’t wait to do this on something else!!!


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  3. Love this…just bought some burlap and am eyeing my ottoman in my living room as I write this. It really doesn’t match… I like the whole – made i a day- and doing it the easy way – concept, that’s how I operate.

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  5. This turned out beautiful! I wasn’t sure how you were going to fold the edges under, but your pictures make it look easy to do. The upholstery nails make it look so professional! I’m completely inspired. Your newest follower. I’d love for you to come check out!

  6. Love!! The burlap and monogram add such a charming and expensive touch!! Awesome job! I would love for you to come share tomorrow over at!!

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