Chalkboard Dining Room Table

Chalkboard Dining Room Table

Well my Craftinista friend Kimberly has done it again! Her chalkboard dining room table looks fabulous!! Kimberly had been looking for a new table for a while now. Her dining set is gorgeous, but her dog jumped on the table and left a deep scratches on it. Bad Dog! Then it hit her instead of relentless searching, she would sand the top and paint it with chalkboard paint! Wow is it awesome! Love it! It looks even better in person, and you would never even had known it was scratched!

Dining room chalkboard

8 thoughts on “Chalkboard Dining Room Table

  1. This is a fabulous idea! Im really impressed at how well this works with the decor. Love it!
    Thank you for hosting the blog hop! Saving to favorites right now….

  2. I am thinking about doing this. I love it!!!! How does it do with cups on the table?

    1. This is not my table, it belongs to a friend of mine, but I am pretty sure since it’s a formal dining room table she would still put a tablecloth over it if she were to sit down to eat on it.

  3. Kim,
    What a great idea!! I might try that one…I have a table that needs something special.

    Thanks so much for being my newest follower!
    Have a great evening!


  4. What a great idea! I’ve never seen this.

  5. Hmmmm…you know, my dining table has a horrendous case of the uglies right now and I haven’t found my dream harvest table yet. This might just be the ticket!

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