Super Bowl Party Snacks Pinterest Pics

Pinterest Pics of the Week!

This week I am doing Party Food for the Super Bowl

Here are some very different dishes I would love to try…

The Snackadium! This is just awesome by Scott Pham

Here’s how’s it’s done- The field is guacamole with cheese dip and salsa end zones. It’s lined with sour cream for the yard markers and Slim Jim goal posts. Ruffles, tortilla chips, Cheetos and Doritos cheer on Vienna sausages with little cheese helmets while they play on the field, separated only by hotdogs and bacon. The stadium itself is created with rice crispy treats.

These look really good..yum.. by Pennies on a Platter

I have been meaning to make these easy Meatball Mini Sandwiches by The Pioneer Woman

These are just too cute and clever by Savory Sweet Life

Artichoke Dip Bread by Closet Cooking  Yum…just yum!

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs by My Italian Grandmother.  These just sound good!

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