Hula Fringe Flower Burlap Lamp shade

Hula Fringe Lamp shade

I am still working on the Coastal Themed Bedroom uugh! Will it ever end….who knows….the rest of the house is suffering, but, hey my bedroom looks great!! I bought a couple of lamp shades that I have been meaning to up-do and of course they needed to be burlap!! Love the look of that fabric, not sure how I ever lived my life without it!  Totally addicted to it!

Materials needed for both lamps: Lamp Shades, Burlap,rotary cutter & mat, spray glue, hot glue & gun, Mod Podge and Blue Hawk Twisted Jute Twine.

coffe bag burlap lamp shade

DIY burlap lamp shade

For the Hula Fringe Lamp Shade: Cut your burlap with a rotary cutter into 3 inch strips, measure large enough to go around your shade. On the bottom edge, I used a strip that already had a frayed edge with stitching. Spray the shade and get your fabric straight, (the spray glue makes it easy to adjust if your strip gets uneven). Then hot glue edges overlapped on the original seam. Then take your next strip and pull out 5 or so stings to make the frayed edges, spray glue on the shade and layer over the first layer. Adjust and hot glue edges on original seam. Repeat!

I cut the top edge strip to match exactly to the edge of the lamp and did not add a ribbon to finish the edge, I just left it alone, it looked better that way.

Burlap lamp shade hula fringe

coffee bag lamp shade tutorial

For the Flower Burlap Lamp Shade: Cut the burlap the same size as the panels on the shade. This is a little tricky, be careful not cut the shade. I then coated it with Mod Podge and added the burlap. I first tried to use just the spray glue but the Burlap refused stick well, and Mod Podge made all the difference.  It makes for a smoother finish, if your like me and hate to iron, this way is easier to smooth out the wrinkles. Trim the frayed edges. I took the finished/sewn edges from my coffee bags, cut them into thin strips and hot glued them on the edges to finish the edges. Then I took twine and just started looping it around to resemble a flower and hot glued the center. I also rolled twine and hot glued it for the flower’s center. And that was it! Pretty simple! They turned out great, I love them!  They are even cuter in person!

Jute Twine Flower