Fish Net Candle

fish net candleTooling around Target, I saw a fish net candle! Too cute! That’s when I remembered when I was organizing my crafty stuff I came across a  piece of fish net fabric I used on a mural I painted some years back. I got all excited because I knew it would cost me nothing to make this candle! Here is my version~

Target’s version

Fish Net Candle


  • Pillar candle
  • fish net
  • hot glue & gun
  • straight pins 
  • scissors


Cut the ends of the net so they are a straight and even piece of fabric.

make a fish net candle


Carefully pin the net on one edge of the candle. Roll the net and pin the net tight to the candle even with the other end of the net you just pinned. Straighten maneuver and tighten the net to fit the candle.

DIY fish net candle tutorialTrim the long end of the net even with the first pins. I left the bottom edge a little longer and pinned it to the bottom. (This is because it is almost impossible to make both ends even on the edges). Trim top edge of net even with the edge of the candle.

Hot glue the knots together on edges. Then hot glue the bottom nets and remove pins. That’s it! This cost me nothing and mine is more authentic than Target! Their version wasn’t even a net it was a molded wax rope.

DIY Net Candle Tutorial

DIY faux geraniumI made this cute Faux Geranium with a great jar, some filler rocks and a faux plant! Love it! Very simple and clean looking!


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23 thoughts on “Fish Net Candle

  1. I like it better than the Target inspiration! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy. Hope to see you again soon!

  2. What a beautiful project!! Great tutorial. Megan

  3. Looks great! I love not spending any money for something that looks so expensive!

  4. Good for you for having the wherewithal to go home and make the candle. It could be the beginning of a very fun table theme.

  5. HI Kim, I found your post on the fish net candles at Ivy and Elephant’s party. Thanks for the idea. It would work in nicely with some of the beachy feel at my house!


  6. I like it, it looks better than the Target version and I love that it was FREE!!
    I am using a nautical theme in my house and just last week I made a seashell swag. I have a photo of the swag on my blog. I am going to look around your blog for more ideas 🙂

  7. olgastardust says:

    Great Kim! Love them both!

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