Monogram Surname Plaque

surname plaque

I found this great wall decor while junkin last week. It was already rustic and shabby, but well, I wasn’t sure what in the heck it was. It was screaming chalkboard to me, but I wanted to make something a little different for my entryway and I wanted something monogrammed. Here’s how I did it!

Monogrammed Surname Plaque:

Materials needed: Acrylic paint in Patina, White & Grey, sponges & brushes, A large 12in monogram letter (Michaels), X-acto knife, scissors, cutting board, spray glue and sand paper.

DIY Surname wall art

First I painted the board teal, sort of sloppy and thick, let dry. Paint two coats of  the white and let dry over night. I chose a font in Word that would go with the large wood letter I used. Size and print out. (Tip: when resizing on Microsoft Word you can just type in the size you want in the little box with the numbers in it, mine were 275 & 200.) I used regular printer paper, you can use card stock if you choose to. Level and place your letters on the board and mark where you will place them. Then I taped my words to an old cutting board. Take an X-acto knife and carefully cut out the black insides of the letters. (Tip: Make sure you use a font that has wide spaces within the letters. This makes it easier to cut out the letters and trim. Mine were Trajan Pro for the surname and  Cambria for the bottom Established font.) Now you have a custom stencil. Take the stencil turn over and spray with spray glue. Place the stencil on the marks you pre-made on the board. Smooth out the wrinkles and make sure it is snug against the board, so there will be no paint leaks.  Then I took grey paint on a sponge and lightly tapped it onto the stencil. I added two coats. Then if you are using regular printer paper remove it right away or it will stick and bleed. Let the letters dry and then you can touch up if needed.

stencil with printer and  paper

For the monogram large letter, first I roughed it up with a light grain sandpaper. Then added the grey paint using a sponge in one direction, to make it look like wood grain. I was going for a drift wood effect. Paint the edges and let dry. Then hot glue the letter into place. Take your sandpaper and shabby up the plaque, revealing the teal and the red under coats. And that’s it! I love it!!

Surname Plaque with stencil

How to stencil with paper surname plaqueXOXOKim


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