Clever Organization Tips ~Pinterest Pics

Today I have a couple of favorite clever organization tips ~1st up is this super idea of using an old rake as a wine glass rack by Tattered Style! Too cute!

and next up……

I also love how you can organize flip flops and other slim shoes in these letter organizing racks! Genius!  (There was not a link for this one…. too bad I’d love to comment.)

4 thoughts on “Clever Organization Tips ~Pinterest Pics

  1. This is a great post! And thank you SO MUCH for linking to the original source of the wine glass rake. I’ve been searching for the OP for nearly an hour now…the number of people who refuse to credit is unbelievable.

    This post inspired me to take a look at the rest of your blog. Love it!

  2. candi052781 says:

    I love that….im not sure my husband would appreciate me stealing the rake…but its perfect

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