Vintage Starburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror

So lately I’ve had a beachy vibe thing going on. I have been noticing these great vintage starburst painted pics going around and I just fell in love! So since I have been wanting to make a cool sunburst mirror, I decided to combine the two styles and this is what I came up with!  It worked out great and looks lovely in my Vintage Teal Playroom! Let me show you how it’s done!

Vintage Starburst Mirror

Materials needed: Cool crate like wall hanging thing (still not sure what these things are, I keep finding them when I go junkin), about 6 packages square dowels (Walmart), acrylic paint, sponge applicators, hot glue & gun, a hacksaw, circle shaped mirror and twine.

Lay your square dowels in a pattern of a sunburst, slanted like mine if you are going for a vintage look. (I used the thick dowels, but since they only come in random size packages. I needed 6 packs to get enough thick ones). Your are going to have use a hack saw to cut half of them in smaller pieces so they do not overlap under the mirror. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HACK SAWS!!! They are super easy to use, just secure your dowels in a vice and hack away!

Sunburst mirror tutorialNext hot glue twine around your mirror. Mine ended up being five times around. Tape off your mirror and paint your twine the desired color.

add jute to mirror

paint a sunburst

Figure out your color scheme for your dowels and paint them. Lay your pattern back out and hot glue to the wooden base. Hot glue your mirror over the top! That’s it and now I have a cool one of a kind mirror! Love it!! Hope you do too!

Vintage Sunburst