Tough Dirt Cleaning Tips ~Pinterest Pins

 Pinterest Pins to help you clean your toughest household areas~

Tough Dirt Cleaning Tips

First up is the bathroom….

First up is Melissa from Serenity You~ Clean those shower doors with a Magic Eraser &  a little elbow grease, then…..use her secret ingredient, Rain-X! Keep the shower clean for 4+ months!! I am so doing this!!

Now onto the tub! The Craft Patch tested this method and it worked awesomely well! Dawn Dishsoap and Vinegar, spray on, wipe off! Stop by her blog to see how she did it!

How to clean a fiberglass tub/shower~ Here are a few options to try by eHOW~ Vinegar, Baking Soda and even Oxyclean. If anyone has tried something and it worked let me know I have these in my home.

Now onto the kitchen….
Cleaning your gas stove grates by Dori of Pinching Your Pennies with ammonia! Super easy and proven results! Check out her blog for the how to!

Cleaning your Stainless Steele with vinegar and a spray bottle by Erin Huffstetler of 

Cleaning oven glass with Baking Soda by Jamie of DIY Home Sweet Home. Stop by and see the dramatic after pic! 

And I love this next one….

Revive old paint brushes by soaking them in vinegar for 30 minutes to remove old paint and make them good as new by This Old House! So need to do this!

 To see these and  more cleaning pins click below for my Pinterest Cleaning Board!

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