Chalk Paint ~ Vintage Side Table Up-do!

chalk paint Plaster of Paris recipe

I am excited today to tell you about my latest adventure with Chalk Paint! I have been meaning to try out this latest painting craze.  I love that there is no sanding, no priming, just slap on the paint and your done! How could I resist? First I researched a ton recipes and ways to apply it. The brand names of chalk paint are tough to find where I live and I really wasn’t into spending the big bucks to have it shipped to me.  I found a slew of different ways to make this glorious paint. I decided to go with the Plaster of Paris version, only because it was pretty cheap and I happened to pick it up while shopping one day.

Below is my recipe! You may have one of your own that is a bit different but I thought I’d share mine, since I really loved the results I got from it.

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

Materials: Chalk Paint (see recipe above), paint brushes, white matte latex paint for trim, sand paper, Miniwax Finishing paste (Lowes), small brush for paste, rags and new hardware.

Remove any debris or dirt from item to be painted. Remove any old hardware. Paint two coats of chalk paint mixture using strokes going in the same direction. I let the paint dry for about an hour then I used coarse 80 sandpaper and shabby-ed her up on the edges. Let the paint dry over night. Apply the paste with a short brush, let sit for 10-15 minutes and then buff with a clean rag. (Follow  directions on package). I did two coats of paste to get a nice sheen. You will have  a lot of paint left over, adding that extra cup of plaster/water combination really makes for a lot more paint. Just store it in a clean container and you can use it again.

paint a table with chalk paint

tiffany blue chalk paint

Side table chalk paint

Isn’t she beautiful!! She looks so snazzy in Tiffany Blue!! Love, love, love her!! Not bad for a $3. vintage side table I found abandoned in a cart at a thrift store! I bet whoever left her there, never knew how cute she could be! I am really impressed with how the chalk paint came out. Definitely going to be using this paint again and again.

I also put together the gallery wall in the above pic. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to hanging everything up. More on that “Gather” sign too, coming soon. So stay tuned.

Click for the Gather Sign tutorial post.



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