Simple Scary Halloween Candles ~ Free Printables!

FREE Printable BOO Candles

Yay! October is here! For the next couple of weeks I spend my time wracking my brain, putting together my Halloween decor for my annual party at the end of the month. Every year I try to come up with something unusual and unique. Here is a fast and easy way to dress up a set of faux flicker candles I usually save for the Christmas season.

Free Printable Halloween Candles

Materials needed: Light grey cardstock paper, paper cutter, printer and tape.

easy halloween candles FREE Printables

I used Microsoft Word to make my font, I used Henny Penny. Henny Penny is not a standard font with Microsoft Word. When I first saw where other bloggers were changing  fonts I was completely intimidated and stayed well away from it! Well no more, let me show you an easy way to get them.

How to Install New Fonts

First go to Google Web Fonts(dot)(com) If you are familiar with CSS you may have used this Google site before, if not that’s ok. Fair warning though, be careful using some of the other font sources on the web on your webpage, some of them are not free and not for commercial use. Just read the fine print before you download.

I have a Mac computer and this method works for me. If it does not work for you, you may have to read more into the Google Web Fonts Site for more info on how to download these fonts to your particular computer. I think it should work pretty much the same though.

Scroll through the long list of fonts. You can choose to see the font by sentence, paragraph or word.  After you have chosen a font, click the “add to collection” button, click on your collection, then click “Use”.  At the top right area of the page click “Download your collection”. This will download a “zip file” to your computer, I put mine in my “download file”. Find it, click on the “zip file” to open and you will now have a folder with the font name on it. (Note: You may need to download a program to open the Zip Files, if you have not already, that I can not help you with, again research.) Click the folder, it will open in a box with the fonts in it, at the bottom click the “install” button. Then restart your computer. This will add them to your Microsoft Word Font File and Picasa Photo Editor and Picmonkey photo editors.

How Make Large Letters in Word

Next open a new Page in Micorsoft Word, delete the size number in the font size box, type 300 in the font size line and click return. This will give you the larger sized letters and numbers.  You may need to adjust the size if your candles are larger or smaller than the ones I used.

Below are the Free Printable versions of text size 300. Enjoy!




Cut the papers down to fit your candle size. Tape the paper around the candles. Turn them on and watch them glow! And that’s it, super simple!

Free Printable Halloween Candle CoversXOXOKim