Spray Painted Pumpkins

Spray Painted Pumpkin

If you have been following my blog you know I made my Spooky Wispy Wreath by spray painting silver pumpkins white for a more eerie look. Well now the rest of my decor just didn’t match, so what better to do? Get out the old spray paint and get to work! I found these cool Green Sparkly Halloween Chipbox Letters and decided to use them to bling them up too!

how to spray paint pumpkins white

Spray Painted Pumpkins

Materials: 2 cans White matte spray paint, 1 can grey or white primer spray paint, 1 can brown/bronze spray paint, masking tape, green glitter Chipbox Halloween letters

First tape up your stems. You will see in the pic, 3 of my pumpkins are real. You need to use a primer to cover the orange and make the white apply and cover the pumpkin easier. Also it saves paint. I used 2 cans of white and 3/4 of a can of primer to do them all. Let them dry. Then I lightly misted them with a brown bronzey color I had on hand so they wouldn’t be too, too white.

Chipbox Halloween Letters ~Spray painted pumpkins

Next I hot glued the very cool cardboard letters on. Super easy and soo much better and faster than a stencil. Love it!