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Today I am going to let you in on a little Halloween decor secret. Long before there was Pinterest, I used to comb the internet for Halloween decor ideas, the inspiration I found years ago were these great Amateur and Professional Home Haunter Webpages.


Home Haunters are that one yard on the street that is full of creepy decor, that on Halloween all the kids are really scared to go near. I am Halloween fanatic, but I am a cross between Martha Stewart simple and borderline gory. I have tons of decor I have collected throughout the years and I love to recreate different spooky vignettes out of the things I already own.


So, I was super excited this year when I started to seeing all these amazing Haunted House quality Halloween decor on Pinterest and made by the House Haunter sites I used to look to for inspiration. So I thought I would share a couple of sites with you! 

DIY Halloween Props

This amazing Monster Mud Reaper tutorial is by Jimmyzdc, this post is on, which I am a member of, it is a fabulous resource website for the serious haunter and all things Halloween. Join up today!

This Grim is by Grim Hollow, another amazing Home Haunter Master Creator. Check out their blog and the archives of all the years of yard haunting photos. Very cool!

So, If you think you might want to take your Halloween party decor one step further, a great place to start are these two websites.


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