5 Easy Holiday Garlands

DIY Paper Holiday GarlandsToday I am going to show how to make five different Holiday Garlands. My husband bought me a Silhouette for Christmas and gave it to me early and so I broke it out last night (huge grin). Now don’t stop reading this post just because I used a Silhouette Cameo Machine to make these garlands. That does not mean you can’t make them just as easy without one and will tell you how. This is also no sew project, which makes it even more super easy.

Materials: Decorative cardstock or paper, paper-cutter, Die-Cut Machine (if you have one) otherwise you can use decorative punches, stickers or already cut out Die-cuts (available at your local craft store), scissors or my personal favorite alternative the rotary cutter, sparkly crochet thread or decorative string for the garland, scissors, hot glue and gun.

5 Easy Holiday Garlands

First up is the cute Teal and Red Ornament Garland: They are super easy to make. Just choose Holiday cardstock or paper in colors and patterns to use together. Cut them in strips 1 inch wide and 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches long. Take 7 strips (see left pic below) one 3 inch strip, two 4 inch strips, two 5 inch strips and two 6 inch strips. The shortest strip in the middle, to the largest on the outside. Line them up and staple them together on one end. Pinch the other ends of the strips up to meet the small strip in the center and staple them together. Put a dot of hot glue on the tip of the ornament and glue to the garland.

easy paper garlands ornaments

Paper Garland paper ornament

DIY Paper Garland chevron

Red Deer Flag Banner: Choose your paper. Measure and cut your triangles. Mine is 3 inches on the sides. Leave a small amount of paper for the top edge to fold over the garland string to glue. Cut them and hot glue to string. Super easy!

DIY paper deer garland

Deer Banner Garland Christmas

Silver Snowflake Garland: I used  2 Shiny Silver cardstock single sheets. Punch or cut out 1 inch diameter circles, 1 1/2 inch circles, 3/4 inch small circles and 1 1/2 inch snowflakes. You can buy Die-Cuts also in your craft store section or you could use stickers for this one to make it super easy. For the three-dimensional silver medium circles, use 4 circles fold them in half, glue two halves together add your garland string and glue to center. Add the other two halves gluing them all together (see pic below). For the rest of the embellishments, glue two of them together back to back on each side of the garland.

DIY Silver dot paper garland

Silver dot snowflake paper Garland

Paper Chain Garlands: Cut out 8 x 1 1/2 inch strips of cardstock. You can use decorative trim scissors for a scalloped edge. Hot glue the ends together intertwined as a chain. The Filigree Chain patterns were from a pattern in my Silhouette Library by Ashalee Wall Designs, but you could always use a border punch to create the same look.

silver green red stripe holiday paper chain garland

Green red stripe Paper Chain Garland

gold Filigree paper Chain Garland

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Tutorial DIY Holiday Tree Garlands

Paper Chevron Ornament


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