Swanky Stacked Ornament

Stacked OrnamentI just love those fancy decorations you see at the malls during the holidays. I saw these stacked ornaments hanging over a walkway at one of our outdoor shopping malls here in town and fell in love. The best part is I already had the ornaments, so with a little glue and some imagination I was able to pull this off! Here’s how I did it! I hope you like it~

Christmas Stacked Ornaments

Materials: 5-6 plastic or foam graduated in size ornaments, small bowl, hot glue & gun, scissors and ribbon.

Start with your largest ornament at the top, turn it upside down in a bowl so you can work with it without it rolling around. Cut a strip of ribbon and hot glue the ends together to make a circle. Fold it in half and hot glue it to the bottom of the ornament. For the next ornament to attach you need to cut off the top of the ornament (if it is plastic) with a pair of heavy-duty scissors to remove the hook holder so it is a smooth circle. Glue it to the ribbon you glued to the bottom of the first ornament. Repeat to add more ornaments.make a long stacked ornamentGlue Ribbon to Ornamentglue ornaments together to make large

For the final ornament. I took a long thin ornament and cut 1/4 of the top off with the heavy-duty kitchen scissors. It was thin plastic so it was pretty easy to cut off. Then glue a small ornament to the top of it. Hot glue a ribbon over the area I glued together to hide the seam.

Glue ornaments together

Add a ribbon to the hook loop and that’s it! It took about 25 minutes to make and it came out gorgeous! I am so making more of these for next year!Large Stack Ornament

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