Vintage Sundries Sign

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DIY Sundries Sign tutorial

My latest project I have been working on is the Sundries Sign to hang over my pantry. I knew I wanted a vintage sign for my kitchen, but I wanted something unique. We moved to North Carolina five years ago and in those years we have explored all the different areas around Charlotte numerous times.

Every now and then on one of these excursions I would see a sign for Sundries. Now I am originally  from Florida and I have never seen or heard of a Sundry Store and had no idea really what it was. Basically it means miscellaneous small articles, details, or items. Kind of like a small General Store. I thought it was very unique idea for a sign for my pantry! Here’s how I did it~

I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the stencils but you could use another dye-cut machine, regular stencils or my Paper & X-Acto Knife method.

Sundries Sign


  • Chalk Paint Recipe
  • Minwax “Special Walnut” Wood Finish Stain
  • Frog tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Electric sander
  • Contact paper
  • Picture hanging hardware
  • Pencil, rotary cutter and ruler.


paint border on sign

Paint your wood with the red acrylic paint. Let it dry. Tape off the edges and paint them with the white chalk paint. Let dry and remove tape. Now you are ready to make your lettering.

I used the same Silhouette settings for contact paper as I used in my  Rail Road Sign.
Contact paper and Silhouette

  • Media~ Vinyl
  • Speed~ 3
  • Blade~ 2
  • Cutting Matt -None

Font used for the word Sundries is “Bolton Light”.

Type your letters and then rotate them 90CW vertical.

*Please use these dimensions as a guide. Yours may differ from mine.*
  • Page Height  8.5
  • Width of Page 18
  • Text size 451.0
  • Spacing between letters 150%
  • Cutting Mat~ None

I manually made my setting for the vinyl size to 10 x 15. My contact paper was already a 15 inch roll so I cut 10 inch wide strips with a rotary cutter. Reset to the small width on the Silhouette. Feed your vinyl and cut.

Font I used for the side sayings is “Snickles”.

  • Page Height  6.5
  • Width of Page 10
  • Text size 72.0
  • Spacing between letters  100%

When you are satisfied with your lettering size move onto the stencil.

Place letters on Wood for placement

Pull the letters out of the vinyl first and place them as they will actually be on the wood. This will give you a reference to where to place the vinyl. Place the stencil over the letter and remove the letters.

Place Vinyl Stencil on wood

I found it easier with words or groups of letters to attach the contact paper across the top and slowly peel in a downward motion. It makes for a smoother application.

Stencil on wood with vinyl

 Press down to seal.

 I used White Chalk Paint for the edges and Sundries Letters. I used Grey acrylic paint for the side lettering and side edges.

Paint over Vinyl stencil

I used a sponge applicator to lightly dab on the paint.

Remove vinyl

 Stencil Tip: Remove the contact paper before it dries. I think the longer a stencil stays on, the longer it has to bleed. So remove as soon as you are finished painting. Touch up any mistakes.

How to make a Vintage Sundries Sign


Dry Goods Stencil

Let the paint dry. Go over the letters lightly with an electric sander. Then over it again by hand with sandpaper. Take a small amount of the Special Walnut wood finish on a rag and smudge/shabby up the edges and on top of the paint for that damaged weathered rustic look. Add your picture hanging hardware to the back. And that’s it!

DIY Sundries sign

DIY Rustic Sign

Sundries pantry kitchen Sign



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