Shark Week Crafts Printables ~Pinterest Pic

Pinterest Pics of the Week~

In honor of #SharkWeek…


FREE Shark Party Printables by Pretty Providence!

DIY-Shark-Jewelry-580x580I found this cute DIY Shark Week Crafts

Shark Jewelry Tutorial by Morena of Dollar Store Crafts!

My son would totally love these!

Cupcakes 144

Shark Fin Cupcakes by Spoonful!

0d2b011931a30abefcc33364c78346c5There wasn’t a source listed for this Amazing Shark Cake~ if your the owner let me know, I always give credit where credit is due.

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3 thoughts on “Shark Week Crafts Printables ~Pinterest Pic

  1. How cute is this? Fun fun fun. Your friend, Linda

  2. The shark food printables are just too cute – I’m snapping them up for a barbecue this week! Thanks for sharing!

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