Loving my Happy Planner July Free Printable Stickers

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Guide to get started with Happy Planner

Today I’m going to talk about planners and you are probably thinking hello it’s almost July, shouldn’t you be thinking about planners in December? 

One of the cool features of the Create 365 Happy Planner is it’s an 18 month planner and it starts in July then ends a year and a half later! So no trying to get a new and better planner at the last minute each year. 

Plus I made some Happy Planner July Free Printable Stickers for you!

 I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of months ago and while I was recovering I was searching the internet looking around for things to spark my inspiration for future projects and I stumbled upon the Happy Planner! This is not a sponsored post, I just really love my planner! 

I was instantly hooked and couldn’t stop looking at all the fun pages. Then I realized the planner didn’t start until July. I was initially bummed, but it actually gave me time to collect some things to decorate my planner with so when July rolled around I’d be ready and Yay! It’s almost here.

So what made me fall for the Happy Planner? Well it is just a planner but then it can be so much more. If you are creative like me or love scrapbooking this is the life planner for you.

Happy Planner Hello My name is page


It’s called creative planning and you personalize each month with fun stickers, clips, and photos. You can add things like concert tickets and other memorabilia just like a scrapbook. The designs for each page are limitless. 

Calendar Page of Happy Planner

The Planner has normal calendar pages but they are large and broken down into 3 weeks at a time.

Enjoy the litte things Happy planner Current page

Then at the beginning of each month there is a page for birthdays, important dates, things you are currently loving, and a 3 month calendar spread to see into the future.

You can buy accessories like sticky notes, clips, stickers and folders to add to your planner. Then there are special extension packs for Recipe Organization, a Fitness Log, a Home Planner and even a Wedding Planner. 

Then if that isn’t enough, tons of bloggers have free printables, tips on how to use and even DIY’s, for example DIY Planner Clips! See below for my FREE Printable July Red, White & Blue Stickers.

I have  gathered some of my favorite tips & DIY posts in  my HAPPY PLANNER | DIY’s Pinterest Board if you would like to follow. You can also get design inspiration, tips and video how-to’s on the happy Planner Website. 

I am so excited to get started with mine. I have a week to get the first month going! Yay! 

Here’s what I used to get started: 

This is just a few things to get you started. I definitely will be buying pieces as I go, it can get pricy get everything all at once. Remember though there are a ton of Freebies & Printables online as well. 

To Grab the Planner Stickers, download using link below and print on white Full Sheet Sticker Paper. Cut out shapes, peel off  backing and stick. Another alternative is to print out on white cardstock, cut out shapes and add two sided tape or adhesive.

July Planner Stickers PDF

July Planner Red White Blue Printables madeinaday.com

July FREE Printable Stickers for Happy Planner madeinaday.com

Here’s mine before the month starts. You fill in as you go! 

Just Have fun with It! 


Happy Planner Review Free July Printabe Planner Stickers madeinaday.com



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