Gold Crackle Raven Skull


Gold home decor is trendier than ever this year and Halloween decorations are no exception. I used liquid gold gilding to bring out the luster of real gold to this project.

Applying liquid gilding to foam creates a crackled effect. For this project I believe it enhanced the spookiness of the skull. I have to admit I am a little addicted to gilding, when the paint dries it adds such a beautiful sparkle to projects.

Gold is trendier than ever this year and Halloween decor is no exception. I used gold liquid gilding for this project. I was hoping for a beautiful gold mirrored effect but it turns out gilding and foam do not mix well together!

As I was applied the gilding I noticed the foam starting changing into a crackling effect. When the gilding dried it had a sparkling gold finish with a rough, cracked effect. So I went with it~ To make it look like a more bronzed gold I dusted it with black paint using a dry brush technique.

Gold Crackle Raven SkullSupplies:

  • Floracraft® Make It: Fun Halloween Skull Foam Head
  • Gold Gilding Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Gloves
  • Toothpicks




Push four toothpicks into the bottom of the foam skull as a stand so you can paint it.

Tip: When using liquid gilding please follow the safety instructions on the package. Use this paint in a well ventilated area and always use gloves. The fumes and solution can be toxic. 

Paint the skull with the gilding using a thin layers of paint. The more paint you have on your brush the more crackle effect start to form. Less is more when using gilding on foam.


Let the gilding dry for a few hours. Using a stiff natural paint brush, dry brush black acrylic paint into the creases of the skull.

Lightly dip the brush ends into the paint and wipe most of it off on a  paper towel before applying to skull. Paint the bottom of the skull black.  Let the paint dry completely.

Take the large faux crow and bend the wire feet straight down and insert the wire into the foam. You can use low-temp glue to secure if desired.

Let the paint dry completely and display!




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