White Kitchen Remodel The Big Reveal


White Kitchen Remodel

My white kitchen makeover is finally finished!! I am so excited to share a little more of the progress and the big reveal with you!

If you missed the before post with my big ideas for what I chose to do you can go back and read it here White Kitchen Remodel: The Beginning. You get to see the tile removal in that post as well.

I got everything on my plan list I wanted and it turned out even better than I could of imagined. Let’s get started!

Here is what we had to work with, straight honey cabinets, plain small island, plain square tile backsplash and gold paint.

 I wanted to redo the island to bring a more custom feel to the center of the kitchen. Since my cabinets were basic the island was one thing I could change for the better.

Our contractor added tongue and groove wide wainscot panel boards cut to fit the outside of the cabinets. This wainscot panel is an easy way to transform an island without going over budget.

While the island was being made over and the cabinet boxes were being painted, this is what was going on in my garage. They used an oil-based marine paint to spray the cabinets to get that smooth factory finish without brush strokes. They came out beautifully and just like brand new!

And now for the Grand Reveal!

I can’t believe how awesome it came out. Plus cleaning out my cabinets for the first time in years and organizing everything was so refreshing. Now I need to organize and redo everything else.

I love it so much it’s like being in a new house! This has been one of the best decisions we made to upgrade our home.

I hired a fantastic company to do the all the work for me called Turn Key Solutions Network, (I so did not want to attempt this amount of work by myself).

This unique company is rare find in the Charlotte, NC area. Turn Key Solutions Network is the only company I found who would be able to do the tile, painting of the cabinets and adding shiplap to the island all at the same time.

Daniel and his team of professionals can do just about any type home renovation you can dream up. Painting walls, cabinet painting, deck staining and pressure washing are just some of the things we discussed having done to our home. You name it and he will make it happen. I love that, and that is why I chose his company to do my kitchen remodel. Instead of taking a month to get each item I wanted to change accomplished. I got my whole kitchen remodeled in a fraction of the time it would take three individual contractors to finish!

If you are in and around the Charlotte area and would like to refresh your home…

Give Daniel a call to set up an appointment to discuss your home design options.

Daniel Ludlow  •  Turn Key Solutions Network

704-441-7850 •  daniel@turnkeysolutionsnetwork.com  •  Turn Key Solutions Network

Check out the before post next!

White Kitchen Remodel: The Beginning Stage


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6 thoughts on “White Kitchen Remodel The Big Reveal

  1. I LOVE it Kim! The tile all the way up to the ceiling will be so much easier to wipe down and the island is awesome too. What a difference white paint makes! Now comes the fun part of accessorizing.

    1. Thanks Erlene, I can’t believe it’s mine!! Right now it’s the freshest room in the house. I need to get the interior painted again to match it.

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