Faux Gold Metal Planter

I have been living in my home for ten years now. My decor started looking really dated so this year I decided it could use a much needed makeover. On this quest to change over my home decor, I am constantly checking out the new decor trends.  Everywhere I look lately I have been seeing gold metal planters. They are calling my name.

I was thinking about just purchasing a planter and then I realized I had some metallic laminate with adhesive backing that has a metal grain finish on it! Yay! I also had a vase/candle holder that I just couldn’t throw out and I am now I am so glad I didn’t.

I can not begin to tell you how much I love this metallic laminate. I bought it on a whim and I guess didn’t really look at the package. I thought it was contact paper, but it’s not, it has a thin metal feel to it. It cuts smooth like contact paper does. I think it will be great to use for Silhouette Cameo or other die cutter type projects too.

My  vase/candle holder sits on a stand that are like some of modern white planters I’m seeing all over the stores. This metallic adhesive along with the candle holders are match made in heaven!  Let’s go cover some glass!

Faux Gold Metal Planter




Choosing a vase to cover can be tricky with this laminate. Make sure your vase is straight with no curves or bevels or the laminate will not stick correctly. It will bubble on the edges if they are curved in any way. My vase had a slight rounded bottom edge. I cut my laminate 1/8 of an inch shorter than the vase so the bottom edge will lay flat and not crinkle or bubble.

Measure the height of your glass vase. Measure the laminate and cut it exactly perfect with a rotary cutter. Cut the ends of the laminate so it will meets exactly together in the back of the vase.

Fold back the adhesive liner around 3 inches. Place one end of the laminate to the glass. Working slowly smooth the laminate down and adding it to the vase.

I used my thumbs to smooth the laminate down, push from the center out. If it isn’t laying straight gently pull it up and resume. Smooth out any bubbles. You can also use a blow dryer to add some heat to the laminate and smooth out any stubborn bumps.

Place floral foam in the vase and add some silk palm stems and that’s it!

I am so thrilled by how great this vase turned out. And THAT laminate! I will definitely be using it again real soon. I hope you like my simple way to get a great trendy look from items you already own.

Another way to go would be to spray paint the vase white and I just may do that when the whole brass/gold trend is over. All you do is peel off the laminate and start over!

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Super easy Faux Gold Metal Planter tutorial, metal adhesive laminate over a glass vase, Easy way to get in on the modern metal home decor trend. Palm

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  1. This is awesome, Kim!! So easy and on-trend 🙂 Already pinned!

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