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Hey there! I am Kim Purvis the owner, author and Designer behind Made in a Day. A collection of tutorials, crafts, floral, recipes, printables and so much more to enable you to get the style your searching for without breaking the bank.

Raised in Jacksonville Florida, I started out as an Art student, then I went into the field of Cosmetology. I excelled in the Hair Replacement Industry, designing and maintaining, wigs and hairpieces for over 13 years. I am now an Independent Floral Designer /Blog & Web Designer that dabbles in Photography.

I launched Made in a Day in late 2011, after searching around for home decor inspiration via Pinterest. It was then I started noticing all the crafty, DIY blogs creating amazing how-to’s and tutorials. That was my ah-ha moment when I realized that I had the knowledge and ideas in this area to share, and I haven’t looked back since.

I have always been a thrift store lurker, DIY’er and avid junker, I love re-purposing the old and the new and creating it into something awesome. So here I am to share my knack for all things crafty with you. I hope you enjoy my blog. It grows a little more everyday! Check back often, there’s always something new!

If you would like to pick my brain a little further about how I go about creating and maintaining this whole crazy blog/website thing check out my Behind the Scenes Blog Resource Guide. There you will find my tips as well as some of the companies and websites I use to maintain my little piece of the internet!

Kim now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two kids, one crazy puppy and a very mean kitty.

Welcome & Enjoy my Blog!


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But wait~ Here are some things you should know about me, if we are going to be BFF’s!

  • I wore glasses until I was 12 and was a tomboy. I now wear glasses again.  Ho hum..
  • I love to dance to Old Wave Music.
  • I put hot chocolate in my coffee.
  • I hate roaches!!!! I will not live with them, ever.
  • I think I can sing, well sort of, I sound good to me, lol!
  • My Stupid human trick is making bubbles with spit and make them float off my tongue. My brother can too.
  • I like ketchup on pork.
  • I hate when the week is planned out for me.
  • I don’t like reading directions, I make my husband read them and then make him show me how to use whatever it is.
  • I won 3rd place in an International Hair Replacement Cutting Contest in 1993, I got burned out, I quit and became a DIY blogger! Now all is right in my world!
  • I hate when other people make me late. I am always on time. Except for parties!
  • I do not like procrastinators, sadly I live in a house with a few of them.
  • I have to go shop somewhere every weekend.
  • My favorite food is my homemade Macaroni & Cheese and Miso Ramen Bowls!
  • I have learned to do DIY and handy man stuff myself, only because of the procrastinator I live with.
  • I do not like people who are fake or try to be someone else. I love down to earth people. Be yourself people!
  • I will always be wild and crazy.
  • I am always thinking of hilarious things, I just can’t tell you what they are, because you might be offended.
  • I am on my 15th car.
  • I love to organize things, especially some one else’s stuff..
  • I have a mild case of OCD. I absolutely hate being sick! I also freak out a little when someone sneezes near me and doesn’t cover their mouth.
  • I love to laugh. I love people with a sense of humor and I am drawn to them. Ya got to have a personality!
  • I yell at people when I drive. Move it!!
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14 thoughts on “ABOUT + CONTACT ME

    1. Thanks Katie, I was thinking I may redo it but I’ve got some great feedback lately so I guess I’ll keep it for now! Thanks for reading!

  1. Hi Kim,
    I wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I love the variety of different projects you have. I found you through MBC and I have just started my blog and I look forward to reading your “Blogging Tips” I am really drawn to the sense of community bloggers seem to have. I want to try your link up parties as well. YOU are a great blog resource! I’ve signed up as a follower so I will catching up on more of what you do best.

  2. I came over from AKA where you are the featured blogger. What drew me in was not only your projects, but the fact you are a floral design graduate. My daughter who is 16, is wanting to own a floral shop. I would love to know where you went to floral design school, and any advise you might have. She has a passion for it and is already working at starting to do a little business from home to earn some cash in high school and college. I can’t wait to hear from you!

    Shannon – bohemianjunktion.com

    1. Hi Shannon, what is AKA? Lol I’m not sure what that is and I want to check it out if I am featured. I went to CCPC the local community college in Charlotte. It took two years, but it was only one night a week for 6 weeks. Depending on the school age limit she may be able to take the classes now, {because they were continuing education and at night} you will have to check. Sometimes large Floral shops depending on your city have classes too. CCPC also had business classes for small businesses they recommended. If she is already selling items, then she is on her way. The classes themselves though will allow her to meet the people and gain valuable advice that she will need to expand her business of she starts a floral shop. In the mean time she could also start a blog, sell at craft shows and neighbors, Esty.com is really big for wreaths. I personally do not want a traditional floral shop, I prefer being an Independent Designer. If she is wanting to own a shop then she she should work at one first, she could probably do that now as well, especially if she is enrolled in a floral class. If she has trouble getting a job or being hired a grocery store floral shop is a good option, they sometimes have training too. I hope this helps!
      Good Luck!!

      1. Thank you for all your input! She is approaching her stuff in a unique way, so I hope she has a market niche. Here is the link that led me to you.
        So glad I found you!

        Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

  3. I think I came across your blog from BloggyMoms.com… Can’t remember! Anyway, your DIYs are amazing and I can’t wait to catch up on your archives!

  4. Kim, did you have any problems when you hot glued the burlap together ?
    Do you have any good tips when using the hot glue gun on the burlap ?
    Thanx sooooo… much !

  5. Hi Kim
    I like your blog, your’e a very talente lady !

    Can you please tell me how many burlap squares should I cut? Is there two rows on the back of the wreath ?

    1. Hi Debz,
      Looks like I had 6 rows from the pics. I do not have the wreath anymore to check exactly. There aren’t any rows on the back of the wreath. Add as many layers as you need to cover the straw wreath. Cut as many squares of burlap as you need. Thanks for liking Made in a Day!

  6. Hi Kim! Found you through Mique’s mixed up party this week. I did the beauty school thing too & find it funny how often I refer back to it when talking to design clients. I pulled out the old “pre-conditioning treatment before color” concept to explain to a lady why she would want to precondition her wood floors before staining. Her husband thought I was a wacko but she totally got what I was saying w/that example. :) Nice to meet ya!

  7. Hi Kim! So nice to meet you. What a fun background – art then cosmetology then floral design then web design!! You’re a jack of all trades. Thanks so much for linking up your About Me page for my Pity Party this week. Have a great weekend. xo

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