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Potion Elixer Garland

Potion Garland Banner

I’m finally getting a little itchy for the Halloween season!  Time to pull out the creepy decor! I made this potion garland banner yesterday for a Spooky Cocktail Table Scene for a Halloween Party! Just get some of those creepy potion bottle labels, craft paper and some beads and whip one up, here’s how.. Materials:… Read More

DIY Cabana Striped Rug

Painted Stripe Rug ~Nautical Cabana Style

A month ago I posted a couple of great rug makeovers for sprucing up that old outdoor rug for Spring. I have one of those brush type rugs and there really weren’t many makeovers for that kind since it  isn’t a tight knit, so I thought I would give it a try. I wanted a… Read More

DIY Wall Art Lucky Sign

DIY Wall Art~ Lucky Sign

I wanted to make something really unique for my home, and this Lucky sign did the trick. My kitchen is slowly getting covered with chickens, so I found it fitting to add this sign over my sink! I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the stencil for the lettering using Contact paper, but don’t stop… Read More

Sundries Sign

Vintage Sundries Sign

My latest project I have been working on is the Sundries Sign to hang over my pantry. I have been meaning to make this sign for a while now and I finally got around to making it this week. I knew I wanted a vintage sign for my kitchen, but I wanted something unique. We… Read More

DIY Railroad Sign

Rustic Railroad Sign

I live near a small town with a rail road running through it. At night and the early morning hours you can hear a faint train whistle off in the distance. We just love that sound, it is so soothing. There is a restaurant and pub right across the street from the tracks that we… Read More

Holiday Garlands

5 Easy Holiday Garlands

Today I am going to show how to make five different Holiday Garlands. My husband bought me a Silhouette for Christmas and gave it to me early and so I broke it out last night (huge grin). Now don’t stop reading this post just because I used a Silhouette Die-Cut Machine to make these garlands.… Read More