Glitter Alphabet Ornament ~PB Hack

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Glitter Monogram Ornament madeinaday.comI spent a day last weekend at the mall like the rest of the world and while cruising around the Pottery Barn store I spotted a couple of DIY’s I knew would be easy to hack.

This Glitter Alphabet Ornament is the first one, it literally took 15 minutes to make. I picked up this wooden letter at Walmart, it had a great font for this project, drilled a few holes and got to glittering!

This ornament would look great on a bottle of wine or on a package as an extra gift for someone special.

Pottery Barn Ornament Knockoff
PB German Alphabet Ornament

Glitter Alphabet Ornament

Glitter Ornanment PB Hack


Easy Monogram Glitter Ornament


Drill two holes in the top of your letter using a drill bit the same size as the twine. Mine was 3/16 size bit.

Glitter Ornament

Paint the letter with glue using the sponge applicator. Sprinkle glitter over the letter, catching the extra glitter on a paper plate.

Place the letter on another plate and pour the excess glitter over the letter. Touch up glue and glitter as needed. Let it dry. Add your twine through the holes and tie in a knot.

** I tied my twine differently than the PB picture, that part is up to you!

Tip: Pour the glitter back and forth from plate to plate over the letter to save glitter and not have a lot of waste.

This ornament really came out so pretty, the pictures do not do the sparkle of the finish justice! I hope you liked it!

Pottery Barn Hack Glitter Alphabet Ornament

 Happy Holidays!


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Glitter Alphabet Ornament ~PB Hack, Easy DIY Glitter Monogram ornament

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