More about me~

I am your hostess with the mostest Kim owner and author of Made in a Day. Welcome to my DIY Craft Blog! It all started late 2011 when I happened to be searching around for some DIY inspiration and started noticing all the craft blogs out there. That was my ah ha moment when I realized that I had a lot of knowledge and ideas in this area to share! So here I am!

I started out as an Art student, then I went into the field of Cosmetology. I worked in the Hair Replacement Industry, designing and maintaining, wigs and hairpieces for 13 years. Last year I finished Floral Design school, and just recently finished classes for Blog & Web Design. I have always been a DIY’er and avid junker, re-purposing the old and new. So here I am to share my knack for all things crafty with you. I hope you enjoy my blog. It grows a little more everyday! So check back often!

Some things you should know about me

…if we are going to be Best Friends!

I wore glasses until I was 12 and was a tomboy. I now wear glasses again… ho hum..

I love to dance to Old Wave Music.

I put hot chocolate in my coffee.

My husband brews and talks about beer on a podcast.

I hate roaches!!!! I will not live with them, ever.

I think I can sing, well sort of, I sound good to me, lol!

I can make bubbles with spit and make them float off my tongue. My brother can too.

I like ketchup on pork.

I hate when the week is planned out for me.

I don’t like reading directions, I make my husband read them and then make him show me how to use whatever it is.

I won 3rd place in an International Hair Replacement Cutting Contest in 1993, I eventually got burned out on other people’s problems and quit being a Hairstylist.

I hate when other people make me late. I am always on time. Except for parties!

I do not like procrastinators and I live in a house with a few of them.

I have to go shop somewhere every weekend.

My favorite food is my homemade Macaroni & Cheese and Asian Slaw!

I learned to do DIY and handy man stuff myself, only because of the procrastinator I live with.

I do not like people who are fake or trying to be someone else. I love down to earth people. Be yourself people!

I will always be wild and crazy.

I am always thinking of hilarious things, I just can’t tell you what they are, because you might be offended.

I am on my 13th car.

I love to organize things.

I have a mild case of OCD. I absolutely hate being sick! I also freak out a little when someone sneezes near me and doesn’t cover their mouth.

I love people with a sense of humor and I am drawn to them. Ya got to have a personality!

I yell at people when I drive. Move dammit!

~ So let me know what I need to about you to be your friend!



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