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Blogging Tax Tips & Printables

Midway through last year Made in a Day became a Business! Yay! Well now six months later, I am one month into the new year and I am in slight panic mode on how to exactly do my taxes for the previous year. I started a search for tips, printables and advice and collected them all on my Pinterest Board Blogging Tax Tips!
Because I plan on going to a CPA, I want to be properly prepared with all my receipts and tax forms. Not just show up like a huge disaster, I want to this to be as painless as possible!

Here are a few of my favorite posts, with tools that I plan on using.

First up is Christinas Adventures Printable Organizing your Small Business Tax Forms. Her description of how to record your info just really resonated with me and they are CPA Approved! Gotta love that! {I like to have paper copies and these printables are just perfect}.


If you would rather record your info onto an Excel Spreadsheet The Northern Belle Diaries provide a minimal FREE Blogging Income Tracker for you to use.


Simply Stacie also has a Blogging Income Spreadsheet and great advice as well on how to keep tack of who owes you what and how to figure out your income.


And last but not least from Clarks Condensed an Excel Spreadsheet FREE Income Tracker for Bloggers and a great post of what you need to know before filing your taxes, what you can write off, as well as product reviews and giveaways. This really is a must read.

These are just four of my favorites right now, I will keep adding more tax posts to my Pinterest Board Blog Tax Tips in the future, so follow along and make sure your getting all the info you need to file properly and avoid the dreaded audit!

If you have a great printable or tax post please let me know and I can pin it to the board for future reference! Good Luck everyone!


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  1. 2.10.15
    Michele said:

    Great post!!! Thanks for the tips Kim!

  2. 2.9.15

    Ah, I need to check out those links! This is the part of blogging that makes me nervous. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday, come again!

  3. 2.7.15
    Roxanne said:

    Thanks for sharing at Pin-Worthy Wednesday. Pinned for future reference!

  4. 2.4.15
    Michele said:

    This is useful. I just started blogging and hadn’t really thought too much about taxes yet, but next year I will definitely have to think about it. This reminds me to keep some decent records!