Boho Fringe Faux Macrame Lamp Shade Makeover

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It’s Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge time again! This time I am making over a plain linen thrift store shade into a one of a kind groovy faux macrame lamp shade. It’s the perfect addition to my revamped boho living room!

Easy DIY Boho Fringe Faux Macrame Lamp Shade Makeover #boho #macrame #lampshade

Thrift stores are a great place to find lamp shades. Every time I go I see at least one that is in perfect shape. I recently cleaned out my basement and I literally threw away six shades that I didn’t use. I clearly have a problem with buying more shades than I need. I think I buy them because an easy way to update your decor is by changing your lamp shades.

I bought this near perfect beauty for a mere $2.99.

I am covering my shade with a knit boho wrap type sweater I got on sale at Target last year. I washed it and it just wasn’t the same so I hung it in my closet and never wore it again. Well now, this jacket has a purpose! The pattern and fringe will make a perfect faux macrame shade for my floor lamp. Here’s how I made it!

Boho Fringe Faux Macrame Lamp Shade Makeover


  • Lamp Shade
  • Crochet or Loose Knit Sweater
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Fabric Scissors


In order to make this shade have tassels on the bottom, I decided to use the side sections of my sweater. I also wanted the diamond pattern to be on the shade.  So I had to work around that. Normally you could just cut out the center of the sweater and add it first. Then the tassel strip later. Of course, I’m doing it the hard way!

I cut the side seam apart with sharp fabric scissors. Taking care not unravel the look knit.

I added the sweater edge with the fringe trim to the bottom edge of the shade. Carefully glue small sections going all the way around.

When I reached the end I trimmed off the wide edge trim and glued the fabric to the shade going up to the top. Trim any overlapping fabric off.

Match up the pattern or lines and glue the fabric to the shade to make a seam.

Turn the shade right side up. I chose a line in the fabric as a guide and without tugging gently glue the fabric to the top edge of the shade.

Trim the fabric on the inside of the shade and glue it down to the inner edge.

Use a hair comb to comb and smooth out the fringe on the bottom edge and you are done!

This is such a subtle beige pattern. It blends in well with my other patterns I have going on in this room without standing out.


Easy DIY Boho Fringe Faux Macrame Lamp Shade Makeover #boho #macrame #lampshade


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  1. This is so clever. Certainly, a win-win since you got your money’s worth from the sweater and a cute new lamp shade.

  2. Such a fun shade now! It went from bland to grand. Love the fringe hanging but especially the subtle colors. Goes great with your Boho style too.

  3. Wow, I love this idea! I love unique lampshade ideas anyway & you make this look so easy! I know it’s not easy to do though, having not done such a good job on one I did in the past. Love the look of the sweater on it too! Now that’s one you won’t see everywhere! Visiting from the Challenge.

  4. Love it! I had no idea it used to be a sweater until I read it!

  5. Totally loving your Lamp Shade makeover! So chic! The fringe really makes it awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! I love the subtle fringe too.

    1. Thanks so much I like the fringe too and thought it would be great on the edges.

  6. Okay, the jacket was so cute. Bummer it didn’t work….or not! You did a fantastic job! Love it!!

    1. Ha you are making me second guess me cutting the jacket to pieces! Thankfully I have another one that is similar and didn’t get wonky inthe wash.

  7. Such a cool idea! Thrifted clothing is great source for macrame, leather, and other textured fabrics that would be expensive to buy new.

    1. Thank you! I really is so much cuter in person. It was tough to get a pic because the colors are so light.

    1. Thanks so much ladies. I always save clothes I’m throwing out with great patterns for projects. You just can’t find them in cloth stores to buy.

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