Charming Statement Bracelets

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DIY Statement Bracelets, leather, beads, gold madeinaday.comI love making and wearing bracelets! I have been hunting Pinterest for pretty jewelry ideas for some time now and I keep coming across amazing jewelry ideas with broken and/or spam links! Usually I just do not pin them, but with some of these I just couldn’t resist.

I saved a few amazing ones to my Fashion | Jewelry DIY board anyway.  They were just too inspirational to pass up. Now that school has started I finally had a spare moment to sit down and make some of the ones that inspired me the most! I hope you like the results, I know I do!

Charming Statement Bracelets


  • Crimping pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Bead crimps
  • Bead wire
  • E6000 glue


Statement Bracelets

Rope Chain Bracelet~

Rope & Chain Bracelet


  • E6000 Glue
  • Twisted embroidery Floss (Artiste #HL525),
  • Large end caps
  • Large Gold chain (found in Hobby Lobby’s fabric section)
  • Medium Industrial Tension Clip (Lowes)
  • Small and large jump rings
  • Stick pins for bead charms
  • Various charms
  • Gold Metallic Spray paint. (My favorite is Krylon Special Purpose Metallics, it dries in 15 minutes or less).

Make a rope BraceletTake 3 links of the gold chain and feed your floss through each end. I left the paper tags on so I would not disturb the twisted way it comes in the store.

Trim rope for bracelet end capsRemove the paper tags and cut your floss down to fit your wrist. Add some glue to the cut floss and pinch the ends so they do not fray.

glue endcaps on braceletWhen the paint is dry add a good amount of glue to the inside of your end caps and put the ends of the floss inside. Arrange the floss so the chain lies flat. Let the glue dry and then add your jump rings and clasp!

Beads, Chain & Charms Bracelet!

Beads, Chain & Charms Bracelet


  • Beads
  • Chain
  • Small chain
  • Charms
  • Various size jump rings
  • Large decorative ring
  • Lobster claw clasp

Add large ring with seed beadTake your wire and crimp one end to a large clasp ring.

Add beads to half of braceletAdd your beads then a jump ring and crimp.

Add large chain to other end of braceletAdd large chain with a large jump ring to the string of beads. Add large jump ring and them then the Lobster clasp to the chain. Add your charms.

Glue your end cap to braid

To make a bead charm add a beading stick pin through the bead. Cut the wire and wrap it with Round Nose pliers to make a loop. Add a jump ring and it makes an instant charm!

Leather, Bead & Charm Bracelet!

Leather, Bead & Charm Bracelet


  • Swede Leather string
  • Various beads
  • Two bead charms
  • Various size jump rings
  • Large clasp ring
  • End cap
  • Lobster claw clasp


Take your wire and crimp one end to a medium jump ring. Add your beads and the end cap and crimp.

For the Leather Braid: Here’s a great tutorial on how to do a Four String Braid.

Glue ends of leather togetherCut four 8 inch strips of leather and glue the ends together flat. Let that dry for a few hours for a tight bond.

Clamp leather to braidTake the glued end of leather strips and put them under the clip of a clipboard.

Braid the leather to the length you need mine is 5 1/4 inches. Use the link with guide to do braid.

Turn the braid around and clip the free end to the clipboard and arrange the strips flat then glue the ends together. Let it dry for a few hours then trim the long ends off.

Glue your end cap to braidFold the braid in half and add the large clasp ring to the center. Add glue inside the end cap and insert both ends of the braid. Let the glue dry over night. Attach the beaded side and that’s it!

Anchor Bracelet!

Anchor Bracelet


  • Leather suede string
  • Anchor charm
  • Jump rings
  • E600 glue 
  • Lobster claw clasp

Wrap Leather around anchor for braceletTake a strip of leather fold it in half and loop around the end of the anchor. Wrap the leather around like a  knot pulling the two end strips inward (see pic).

Tie a knot and add loster claspMeasure for wrist length. Add a large jump ring and tie a tight knot. Loop the leather the same way on the other side of the anchor. 

tie knot for jump ringAdd a jump ring attached to the lobster claw and tie a tight knot in the leather. Trim the knots. Add a dot of glue on each knot. And that’s it!


DIY One Direction Bracelet

I also made a One Direction Inspired Bracelet for my daughter. Complete with a Harry Styles Paper Airplane Charm! Too cute!



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DIY Statement Bracelets, Learn to make four DIY trendy gold statement bracelets tutorials.

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