Creating a Clickable Picture for Your Blog

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Creating a Clickable Picture for Your Blog

Creating Clickable Pictures Picture Mapping Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make Clickable Pictures for your blog using an Image Mapping Tool from I learn something new almost every day blogging and I know you’ll love this great tool as much as I do. I have struggled for a while to find the right plugin to make pictures into a gallery. There are some great plugins out there that can do the trick, but this is an easy way around adding a new plugin and risk slowing down your site. If you noticed I have a few of these around my home page.

Simple collage wreathsFirst, create a simple collage using a photo editor site, I used PicMonkey. Then go to and upload the pic. Once the pic is uploaded in their system, click the blue “Click to Continue” link on top of the graphic. You do not need an account to use this tool.

Once the pic is uploaded, place the + sign pointer over the pic inside the collage you want to add a URL to and right click to open an option box.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.42.48 PM

Click “Create RECT”. Your grayed out pic with an image box will appear. Place the image sizing box over the pic you are mapping and size it to fit within its border.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.42.24 PMIn the Options Box under MAP URL add the post URL of the pic you want to link it to. That’s it, your done. Click Save. Repeat for all the other pics you want to map in the collage.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.33.22 AMIf you need to edit the Urls just click on the red squares and edit.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.36.42 AMAfter all the pics are mapped, right click on the pic or page and open the options box again and click “Get Code”.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.37.24 AM

Another box will open, click HTML CODE on the top middle tab.


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.53.03 PM

Scroll down to the bottom to the HTML Image Map Code box. Copy the large code in the box and add it to a Text Widget in your dashboard or a post, then it is added to your blog! Super easy!

**The red warning is for photos uploaded from another host, such as Photobucket. You must change the URL source to your own Media Library File URL or the pic will be deleted in 24 hours.

I hope you like this post and Image mapping as much as I do! The possibilities for making clickable pics are endless! Have fun!







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