Simple Fabric Decoupage Earring Makeover

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Looking for a fun way to makeover an old pair of earrings? Let me show you how to decoupage earrings with fabric or colorful napkins. I used a colorful scarf! For more crafty ideas see my Jewelry Crafts page.

Simple Fabric Decoupage Earring Makeover

So I got the bright idea makeover a pair of earrings! I know, I know decoupaged earrings are nothing new, but I have this great orange striped scarf that I loves and I thought I would change the look of a pair of earrings I no longer wear to match it.

Decoupaging is a super easy way to make over something. Decoupage is basically white Elmer’s type glue watered down so it is thin. My favorite brand to buy is the Mod Podge decoupage mixes. They have different variations for the material you are working with.

For this project, you only need the basic Mod Podge version. Here’s how to make them.

Simple Fabric Decoupage Earring Makeover


how to make earrings


cover earrings with fabric

Remove the hooks off your earrings. Choose an area of the pattern on your scarf and lay the earring over it. Use a rotary cutter and cut around the earring It doesn’t have to be a perfect cut out.

decoupage painted on metal earrings

Paint the decoupage medium with a sponge onto the earring. Lay the fabric over the earring and smooth out any bubbles. Paint more decoupage over the top of the fabric.

Note: The scarf I used was a really thin fabric and didn’t look as bright as I thought it would, so I cut out another circle and laid it over the first layer of fabric and the second layer of decoupage. I did not cover the second layer of fabric with Mod Podge. I just liked the texture and vibrancy of the fabric unsealed better.

Let them dry a little and while they are still damp to the touch, take an X-Acto knife and cut out the center of the earring. Take sharp scissors and trim the outside edges. Put the hook back on and that’s it! They are too cute and match perfectly with my new shirt!

Don’t feel like making this but love the look? Shop these ideas!

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  1. Cute, so love, I will try to do it. And thanks for the insight on this! Looking forward to seeing more of your articles on your site.

  2. Very cute. Wish I could wear earrings other than just the post kind. Thanks for sharing on tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.

  3. thegunnysack says:

    Cute! You did a great job!

  4. what a fun idea!!
    Thanks for linking up this week! I featured your post in my wrap up Have a great rest of the weekend

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