Plan ahead to take the burden out of dinner time!

What if I told you you could have dinner on the table every night without the fuss?

I have the solution to get you organized and add precious family time to your evenings. My easy-to-follow tips will help you plan ahead to have meals to get food on the table in minutes, even on your busiest days!

The offer ends when the timer runs out!


Mega Meal Planner Toolkit

Unlock the set of 28 downloadable checklists, food cooking charts, sample meal ideas, and how-to eBook so you spend more quality time with the family, and save money by not ordering out all while creating a happy harmonious home life.

Does this sound like you?

You come home late and realize you forgot to take something out of the freezer to make for dinner. You search around and throw something together.

Everyone grumbles because they don’t want what you are making. No one is happy or likes what you made. You end up feeling bad and stressed out. You get defensive and the evening is off to a negative start.

But you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

With some preparation, meal planning can free your time and create peace of mind.

Kids thrive being on repetition and schedules and when they know what they are going to get ahead of time this makes them feel secure, safe, and fuss-free!

There’s peace in the predictability! The idea of planning ahead to stop the chaos is so easy and a win, win for all!

Here is what we cover…

Meal Planning + Batch Cooking Guide eBook

Learn the basics of simple meal planning. Then move on to more advanced batch cooking. Great for small and large families to stay organized, and save money by planning healthy meals in advance.

Use the 14 printable sheets to create your plan of action.

I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

You have a fabulous product here and I wish you well with it.
I can see you have worked hard on it and it provides a great deal of great information for making weeknight dinner easier. We are all looking for an easier way to solve the ‘what’s for dinner?’ problem.

~Shirley IntelligentDomestications

This product is amazing!

If you need help when it comes to meal planning, this meal planner will help you get organized and on track. This mega planner will not only help you plan out your week/month of meals, but it will also help you keep track of your pantry, freezer meals, grocery shopping, and more!

~Erlene MyPinterventures

Here’s How it Works

What’s included?

What you get

With your purchase

Print as many copies as you need and add as many pages to your digital app as needed.

1 PDF Set of the Mega Meal Planner (31 pages) including the (18) pages below:

  • (1) Cover page
  • Planner Tips pages (4)
  • Meal Idea sheet
  • Meal Prep Sheet
  • Meal Planner Sheet- Weekly (2)
  • Meal Planner Sheet – Monthly 
  • Meal Labels
  • Freezer Meal Tracker
  • Leftover Meal Tracker
  • Pantry Inventory Log
  • Freezer Inventory Log
  • Recipe Card Page
  • Grocery List
  • Notes pages

Plus these extra (8) pages:

  • 1 PDF Air Fryer Cooking Time Chart
  • 1 PDF Grilling Time + Temperature Chart
  • 2 PDF Instant Pot Cooking Cheats
  • 1 PDF Slow Cooker to Instant Pot Conversions
  • 2 PDF Set Healthy Baking Substitutes
  • 1 PDF Food Doubling Conversion Chart

BONUS ITEMS: (5) pages + eBook (18) pages + Digital PDF (71) pages

  • Make Ahead Meal Planner eBook (18 pages)
  • 1 PDF set Meal Ideas (3 pages) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks + Side Dishes
  • PDF Set Monthly Meal Plan with Recipe Ideas (2)
  • 1 Digital Planner PDF (44) pages for the Goodnotes App or Noteshelf App.
  • 1 Instruction PDF for the Goodnotes app to install Digital Planner.

See the Digital Planner in action!

Are you ready to add peace and organization to your life with this product?

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