DIY Black Gold Gallery Wall

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Well, the big day is here! Finally my big reveal for my DIY Black Gold Gallery Wall I have been putting together for the last few weeks! See more of home DIY’s on my Home Decor page.

DIY Living room makeover black gallery wall

Living Room Before makeover

I have to admit my living room started out well, kind of ho-hum. We bought this furniture right after we bought house eight years ago. Since then I just moved the knick-knacks around and called it a day. This is the first room everyone sees when you come in, so I thought I could do better than just the plain old boring room I had before. That’s what started my month-long journey to create a great room with items that I already owned.

First I moved the sofa to a different wall so the whole feel of the room would change. The room is quite large and I have a lot of furniture in there, but I wanted the focus to be the wall when you come in the door. And boy is it a long wall. Next, I went to my Pinterest Gallery Wall Board where I have been collecting pics of walls for years now.

I checked a lot of the techniques to hang the pictures as well. The “cut paper the size of your frame and tape it on the wall” idea seemed like the easiest way to go. But, sadly not for me, I have no patience, cutting out all the shapes was too daunting. I tore them up halfway through.

So instead, I found a pic of a Gallery Wall that I liked the best and I thought would look the best on my wall on Pinterest {see below}.


My Inspiration~  Driven by Decor & Good Housekeeping

Gallery wall notes

I then drew out a plan of how it should be hung on the wall, on a sheet of paper. {So professional right, lol}.

Thrift Store finds to gallery wall

Next, I gathered all the thrift store frames plus other unique items from around the house that matched the plan I picked and laid it out on the floor in the way it would be on the wall.  It was kind of like doing a puzzle, each shape has its place, you just have to figure out where it will look the best.

Then I measured how tall and wide my collection was with the sofa length and wall height. I started hanging everything on the bottom row evenly together first, measuring as I went. Then added the top pics. I know this is not the most efficient way to do this, but it was the one that I could wrap my head around.

After you have everything hung up, take down each pic that needs a makeover and repurpose them. The room is full of things I love, my kids & pets! It a tribute to my family!

Here is a list of the project posts for each makeover shown on my DIY Black Gold Gallery Wall.

Art Gallery Wall chalkboard gold black

Eclectic black gold Gallery Wall

DIY thirt store finds gold gallery wall

Black white gold small gallery wall

The only things I added new to this room were the Lo-ve Pillow Covers and the antlers.

Suitcase Globe Table

The Globe Suitcase Table was made from a tv tray table that I had, and I just opened my old Samsonite leather vintage suitcase, added a tray inside, a few old books, a little bric-a-brac and that’s it! Super cute table!

Come in We are Awesome Chalk Art Free Printable

I am also providing a FREE Printable of the “Come in We Are Awesome Sign”! You can use the white one to print a transparency for a projector, or for the Chalkboard version for your own Wall Art.

Just frame it and sit in your entryway!

Click to download the PDF or Right click either the chalkboard sign or the white version of the sign below. They both are 8 x 10. For personal use only.

Chalkboard We are Awesome PDF

Chalkboard Awesome

Come in we are Awesome

I hope I inspired you with my DIY Black Gold Gallery Wall!! Enjoy the FREE Printables!


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  1. LOVE the ‘come in we are awesome’ art. Brilliant! I bought a small glass piece that says ‘posher than next door’. It’s always good for a laugh when our neighbour pops in! lol I found you via this post on Pinterest and loving your makes. Lovely to meet you, Kim. Sue ~ @SuzyHomemakerUK

  2. Absolutely beautiful! What color are your walls painted? I love them too!

    1. Hi Amber thanks so much! I painted this room literally 8 years ago, so I am not sure what I did. They are a dark beige color, most likely by Benjamin Moore. I matched the dark flecks in my sofa. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Thanks for reading!

  3. I love it! What color is on your walls?

  4. Love Love Love how this turned out! All of the fun little three dimensional touches are so cute! I love when a gallery wall has unusual items… great job! Sharing on facebook!

  5. Kim, I love it! When are you coming over to do my house? :-)

  6. I love the gallery wall! It all came together so nice. Those pillows are ADORABLE!! ;)

  7. All your hard work was worth it, your wall and room look fantastic! I would love if you would stop by and link this to Celebrate It! It’s where you can share the big and small moments of
    life, so we can all celebrate together!

  8. Your gallery wall came out great, major difference from the before!

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for stopping by!

  9. Your wall turned out beautifully, you certainly have a great eye.

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