DIY Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins

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Want a non-traditional fall look for your home this year? Try these painted DIY Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins to brighten up your decor! They add the perfect pop of color!

DIY Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins

I changed the look of my home decor last year. After much searching into what exact decor I liked, I decided to change my home decor to modern bohemian. Well, this year when I put my fall and Halloween stuff up, the traditional black and orange colors just didn’t look right anymore with my vibrant colored accessories.

I teamed up with Oriental Trading for my previous post the Black and Gold Halloween Entryway and then again today for this one! I took another one of their ceramic pumpkin sets and painted them to better match my boho decor!

Pretty much anything goes these days with pumpkins. The bright and deep gem tones of the 80’s made their way into the stores this year. So I decided to go with it. The pumpkins go great with my pillows and wall art. So if you want something a little less traditional in your decor, these are a perfect choice. They were super simple to make. Here’s what I used.

DIY Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins


  • DIY Decorative Pumpkin Set
  • Acrylic Paint: Bright Magenta, Bluegrass Green, Black
  • Gold Liquid Guilding
  • Gloves
  • Paint Brushes


Paint the pumpkins with acrylic paint. Do not paint the stems. Let them dry.

In a ventilated space and wearing gloves, paint the small pumpkin and stems carefully with the liquid gold gilding. Follow the gilding directions carefully. Gilding can be toxic so make sure to open a window. Let it dry.

This is such a simple project. I think the pumpkins add the perfect pop of color to add to any room for nontraditional fall decor.

Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins

Boho Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins

Did ya notice that spooky Venus Flytrap Potted Plant? You can find that at Oriental Trading too!

Boho Pink Gold Pumpkin

Another way to take these pumpkins to a new level is with paint pens! Either way, they pop my decor!

Here’s how you can get your hands on some of Oriental Tradings great products!



Halloween Crafts & Activities

Decorative Pumpkin Set   •   Venus Flytrap Tabletop Decoration

Oriental Trading has a massive variety party supplies and home decor for every occasion and holiday. Their site is a must see. Plus everything is shipped fast right to your door. Check them out for your next celebration!

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading Company. I received compensation or product for this post, but all opinions are my own.


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DIY #Boho Chic #Pink Teal Gold Painted #Pumpkins, #ad, bohemian pumpkins, pink pumpkin, teal pumpkin,

4 thoughts on “DIY Boho Chic Pink Teal Gold Painted Pumpkins

  1. Love them painted with the gold stems!

    FYI- a teal painted pumpkin is a sign for kids with food allergies that you have allergy-friendly or non-food treats to hand out… the food allergy world uses it to raise awareness about food allergies. So you might want to pick up some glow sticks to pass out on Halloween too 😉

    1. Hi Cami,
      I thought about mentioning the allergy-friendly Teal Pumpkin in the article, but since it is a sponsored post I didn’t want to compete with that. I did share a teal pumpkin post on FB talking about that very thing~ What a great way to make kids feel safe on Halloween.

  2. THESE. ARE. SO. GREAT!!!!! I love them so much, particularly the vibrant colors you chose!

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