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Funky DIY Boho Fringe Throw Pillow

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Give a thrift store pillow a groovy makeover! Add fun stitching, long fringe with pops of color with yarn to create this super funky fringe throw pillow makeover. For more fun makeovers see my Thrift Store Upcycles page.

Funky DIY Boho Fringe Throw Pillow

I always come across unique things while out junking. I usually look for fabric prints or shapes that I can upcycle into something fantastic. When I saw the fabric on this throw pillow I knew it had the potential to be so much more.

I have been smitten with the long fringe pillows that are popular lately. Adding fringe is a simple way to add some boho flare to your decor! When I spotted this fun pillow with s tribal design I knew it could be so much better with some color.

Funky DIY Boho Fringe Throw Pillow



Thread a large eye carpet/crafting needle with black yarn.

TIP: How to thread a needle with yarn. I use a small piece of thread folded in half over the end of the yarn. Pull the thread through the needle eye with the yarn and voila it’s threaded! 

You are going to weave an inverted triangle with black yarn.

Weave the first line of yarn across the pillow. Tie a knot in the yarn on each end of the row. Trim the yarn, leaving it long so you can cut all strands at once at the end.  Repeat weaving the yarn, each row a little smaller, down to a point to make a triangle.

add yarn fringe on a pillow

If fringe seems a little too thin add more yarn to each second inner loop on each row. Trim the fringe straight across on the bottom of the pillow.

stitching on a pillow

I then added another triangle to the top of the pillow with a pop of orange. I stitched up one side and down the other this time. Leave the orange yarn long and trim the white and blue yarn shorter near the top area of the black yarn and that’s it!

Super easy and such a fun way to take a so-so pillow and transform it into bohemian wow!

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Funky DIY Boho Fringe Throw Pillow

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  1. You’re so good at making plain things better! I would have walked right by and not even thought of doing this!

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