DIY Feather Extensions

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DIY Feather Hair Extension Tutorial

Feather Hair Extensions! They are all the rage this season!  For the past two weeks my daughter was having a fit for some of these colorful ways to jazz up your hair. So last Saturday we headed out to our local salon…but me being a cosmetologist in the hair replacement business for many years and wearing extensions myself, I watched with an eagle eye to figure this whole thing out.

With a little research, on where to get the supplies and getting a feel for how they work…(wow is it simple) I am going to teach you how it is done.  Salons are making a killing on this and there really is nothing to it! Here’s how it is done!

DIY Feather Extensions


  • Silicone Beads for Extensions and Hook Kit
  • For the feathers: I went to Hobby Lobby and they had a huge variety of different types of feathers (I bought Fancy Feathers  Brand in Goose Stiff Biots, Chinchilla Saddle Hackle, Furnace Saddle Hackle and some colorful dyed Saddle Hackle).


Supplies for DIY Feather Hair extensions

Now for the fun part! Figure out where you are going to place your feather. Do not get too close to the ear though, so you can’t put your hair behind it. Most little girls are wearing them close to the front of the hair and more colorful feathers. Most women are wearing them under the hair on the sides, very subtly in white, brown, black, red & stripes, so when the hair moves they show.

To place the bead, pick a section of hair, clip the other hair away from the area you are working on, at the base of the hair at the scalp grab a section of hair the size of a small pea.

Loop hair through bead for hair extentions

Take your bead and slide it on the end of your needle. Take the hair section and wrap it around the end of the needle and catch in small hook on end, hold tight, slide the bead up, again hold hair section tight and pull the hair through the bead. Not all the hair will go through because the of the silicone inside the bead. That is ok, just make sure you do have  a good amount of hair in the bead or the weight of the extension will pull the hair out and can cause permanent hair loss.

add bead to hair strand

 So the feathers need to be anchored in tight with a good amount of hair. This technique may take a little practice. If you think this is too much for you, go and buy the extension hook (tiny latch hook) and try it.  It has a broader wider hook to catch the hair and hang onto it.

Slip feather through bead for extension

Once you have the hair through the bead just slip the hard end root of the feather under the bead next to or on top of the hair.  Position the bead on the hair shaft, close to the scalp…for kids about 1/2 to 1 inch from the scalp, for adults about 1/4in or more from the scalp, getting too close to the scalp can cause pain when sleeping. Also if your hair is fine put the feather in a thicker area, not too close to the hairline. This can also cause breakage.

Crimp bead & feather with needle nose pliers


Next take a pair of needle nose pliers and crush the bead flat so it will lay flat against the head, squeeze as tight as you can.  And that’s it!!

Now to remove: DO NOT PULL THE BEAD OUT OF YOUR HAIR!! You will lose hair or have really bad breakage!  Just take the pliers and clamp the bead and squeeze the two ends that are flat so they open and slide the bead out of the hair. So easy and cute and you can put them in and out by yourself! They can last up to 3 months. You can even curl, straighten and blow dry them! Soo cool and easy!

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  1. what size crochet hook did you use and what size silicone beads ?

    1. Hi Holly,
      The beads that I used did not come a certain size. The hook is one used with a highlighting cap for hair. They only come in a small size. If you are using a real crochet hook you need one small enough to fit through the bead. I will add links to the hook and beads from amazon to the post.

  2. Clever. I’ve seen these all over the place and wondered how they were done!

    Thanks for linking to Refresh Your Nest Friday #10, and stop back tomorrow to join this week’s party!

  3. Pinned this! Nice explanation, and even though I haven’t done hair I know how to use those little crochet hooks. New email follower from the Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop. :) Angela

  4. Ummm. Love!

    Thanks for sharing at Calling All Crafters!

  5. Ha! My daughter would LOVE this!! She (6yrs old) makes a make-shift feather in her hair with her boa feathers and a gator clip. She figured this out all on her own (I was very impressed) but now I know the correct way. She will flip. This woul be a great gift for her for Christmas. Thanks so much. Also, thanks so much for linking up to Strictly Homemade Tuesday!

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Looks like it’s super easy to put in. I want to do one myself now. :)

  7. Great tips!!! My daughter has feather accessories, but we’ve never done it this way! Will definitely have to try this!!!

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