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DIY Geometric Decorative Mirror Frame

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Want the trendy look of geometric mirrors without the cost? Try my fun DIY geometric decorative mirror from a thrift store basket! Super easy home decor tutorial. For more makeover ideas see my Thrift Store Upcycle page.

DIY Geometric Decorative Mirror Frame

It’s no secret I love to go on a hunt for junk at my local thrift shops. Every now and then I find a treasure that I know I can make into something really cool!

Normally a holiday basket that most of you would have thrown away after the season was over wouldn’t appeal to me but his little beauty had style, trendy geometric style to be exact!

When I grabbed the tray there was a lady standing in front of it and she looked at me funny when she saw what I picked up. Some people have no vision, lol!

I saw an interesting geo copper mirror for my Spring dining room refresh, she saw a dirty ugly basket. If only she could see it now! Let me show you how I transformed this ugly basket into my new copper/ rose gold gem.

DIY Geometric Decorative Mirror


basket and mirrors


Wash or wipe clean the basket of debris or glue.

basket and paint

I used copper acrylic paint and applied it to the basket with a paint brush. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

NOTE: You could spray paint the basket, but I wanted my basket to be bright copper and I could not find a spray paint color that I liked. I used this paint on my Copper Pumpkins last fall and they came out super glamorous so I knew the results I would get with this particular color and brand.

I always have a circle mirror set on hand just in case I need a round mirror. The sets are pretty cheap and I always find a use for them. You can also find mirrors at craft stores. Pick the mirror that best fits the size of your basket.

foam mirror base

Mine was a little too big but I liked the way it looked so I improvised. This is where the foam circle comes in. Take a skewer all the way through the foam from top to bottom. Insert a piece of plant wire through the foam and add some hot glue to wire to make it stable.

glue foam to mirror

Hot glue the foam circle to the back center of the mirror.

wire foam to basket

Feed the wire through the wire netting in the base of the basket, pull the wire tight.

close up of wire

Twist the wire until the foam is tight and lies snug against the base. Hot glue the foam to the base and let it dry and that’s it! Clean up your mirror and hang it up! Instant cool from an ordinary holiday basket.

geometric mirror rose gold

I hop you have enjoyed my made over DIY geometric decorative mirror tutorial! What do you have lying around that can be transformed into something new for your home?

geometric mirror wall art displayed

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Easy Geometric Decorative Mirror Frame


  1. Pat Schwab says:

    Kim, The mirror looks so cool. Did you make the pineapple on the wall? Thanks, Pat S

    1. Hi Pat thanks so much, glad you liked my holiday basket turned mirror. Yes I made that Pineapple too! I put this sneak peek in here the Pineapple post {lol} will be up on Sunday! So tune in then to see my cutting board transform into a geo painted pineapple!

    2. Pat Schwab says:

      Kim, I will tune in for pineapple post

  2. Love! This would be perfect in my oldest daughter’s room. She’s all about all things geometric now. Also love the pineapple. Did you make that too?

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