DIY Joy Greenery Letters Door Hangers

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Add elegance to your front door this season with this popular Christmas door hanger. Easy DIY joy greenery letters from cheap drugstore wreaths! Fun upcycle. For more fun holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

DIY Joy Greenery Letters Door Hangers

I whipped up these easy Joy letters, they are made just like my Quick Monogram Wreath from last Christmas. I love the three wreath idea of hanging them in a row, so I made Letter versions out of some of left over small wreaths I bought last year.

They are the same wreaths I made the Quick Monogram “P” Wreath out of. They turned out great and under an hour to make. Here’s how I did it!

Easy Wreath Letters Joy


3 Wreaths (not the solid metal circle kind) the wire kind or a Thick Garland. These did not have a size on the tag, but it is smaller than 18 inches). Use one wreath for each letter.

  • Plant Wire
  • Ribbon
  • Wire Cutters or Heavy-duty Scissors
walgreens wreath


take apart a wreath

Start by searching around the edge of the wreath for the wire binding that holds it together. It can be tough to find, it’s pretty hidden. If your wreath does not have one you may have to just cut the wreath apart with wire cutters. Mine had a wire holding it together so I cut the wire and it came apart very easily. If you are using a garland skip this step.

shape a wreath into letters

To shape the wreath into the letter you are using, cut off or squeeze the branches close to the base to make thinner areas.

evergreen letters from a wreath

To add the top to the letter “J” use plant wire wrap and tie it to secure it down to the top letter. The top branches of the letter “Y” were also bound and tied with wire. If you have thick areas that just will not squeeze down you can also wrap them with wire to make them thinner.

evergreeen letters JOY

basically you squeeze and mod the letters with your hands to get the right shape. If you need to add a section just wrap it on with plant wire.

How To Hang up the Letters:

Wire the letters together with plant wire and hand them. Then add ribbon behind it with command strips.

Joy greenery letters door hanger

Love the idea but not sure if you can make it? Try these premade letters instead!

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 Joy Greenery Letters Door Hanger Wreath


  1. So cute!! Love it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at Artsy Corner. Hope to see you again this week :)

  2. dianaramblesdotcom says:

    Great idea!!

    1. dianaramblesdotcom says:

      Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a great idea. i love how you hung them, too. And there is so much joy at Christmas, isn’t there?

  4. Glad I saw this before I put the box of greenery that wasn’t “quite” nice enough to put up….it will be perfect for this project. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is so cute! I would love to have that hanging on my door. Thank you for sharing this at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase!

    I look forward to seeing you again!

    Happy Holidays,

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