DIY No Knit Scarf!

No Knit Scarf

I have been looking at all the No-Sew scarves and other crafty things that have been around for a while and I came across this Martha Stewart No Knit Scarf. The directions for it were very vague and many a crafter had left a comment trying to figure this one out. Shame on you Martha for making us work for it! And work for it I did…3 1/2 hours later, I got it!! So to make it easier on you I thought I would let you in on my version. Mine looks much fuller because I added some flair! Read on to see how I did it~

DIY No Knit Scarf


  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease, color #099 Fisherman (beige),106yd pkg,
  • Yarn Bee, Riot Eyelash yarn in Champagne,109yd pkg.


In this tutorial I will be making a 87 inch scarf. Here is the link to Martha’s scarf. For Martha’s scarf they used a large bulky weight yarn, I was unable to find some as bulky as hers, but the Lion Brand Yarn was pretty close. To make it bulkier though I used two strands of each yarn type per bunch. Total of 4 strands.

First you measure and cut 3 yards per strand. This ends up with some extra length to play with in case you want a larger scarf.  Now Martha divided her yarn into 4 bunches with 3 strands each, I used 6 bunches with 4 strands each, to make the scarf wider.

Also, Martha says to use square knots to tie her scarf, I used plain simple knots for the tops of the fringe, and double knots on the scarf and it worked out just fine. Just pull them tight.


After everything is separated, take your bunches and tie your first knot, leaving room for fringe for the end of the scarf. Then pin that knot securely to something, a craft table, a foam board, etc. but remember you will need a lot of room to work. I just used my living room carpet.

Take your next knot and pin it close the second one and so on (see pic). I then wrapped the long strands around my hand and rubber banded the bunch together, believe me it’s easier to work with the long strands this way. Start tying knots by tying the two center ones together first, space them 1in to 1 1/2 inches apart.

Then tie the right bunches together, then left bunches together, ending back in the center.

Now for the finishing touches! I like a more fringy look to my scarves to make them full. So for the fringe on edges, I cut two, 12in strands of the two separate types of yarn I used. Tie with what I call a simple loop knot.

Fold strand in half, insert looped end through scarf loop and then put the ends through the loop and pull tightly on tail to secure. Tie them to every other outside loop on both edges of the scarf. And Viola!! You got one cool & sassy scarf!! I plan on making a bunch of these in different colors! Love it!


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14 thoughts on “DIY No Knit Scarf!

  1. Ginger Brooks says:

    Made this scarf yesterday afternoon , it turned out perfect..I wor it to church this morning ,love it
    Would love anymore.

  2. Love this, hopefully it’s as easy as your tutorial makes it seem 🙂 Can’t wait to try to make one for myself.

  3. Thanks for sharing I wish I knew how to knit.
    Would luv for our readers to see this at

  4. Good for you, Kim! I actually understand this, now! I have a friend that I”m going to make this for.
    Welcome to the blog world! I’m your newest follower. Stop over and link up any Holiday Tips, Crafts and Recipes! I’d love to have you.


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love doing crafts and I’ve been looking for a DIY scarf pattern. I think I have found what I have been looking for! New Follower 🙂


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  8. OH wow! Thank you for a easier version. I too had looked at Martha’s version and gave up. I will give this a try this weekend.

  9. Wow, I like this a lot. I am just starting to learn to knit but it is difficult because I am leftie and my teacher is righty. Maybe I’ll just scrap the scarf and go with this one, LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Great! I am glad you liked it! The pic does not do it justice!! I love it! It is so full and fluffy! Definitely my new favorite scarf this year….. I will be making more! Thanks so much for visiting!

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