DIY Rope Lantern Vases

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DIY Rope Vase Lanterns

 I don’t know about you but everywhere I go lately I see rope lanterns or vases!! I have a set of glass vases that I just didn’t use anymore. They are really nice so I just hung onto them in case I could use them in the future. And am I glad I did! I decided to make my own version of these beachy rope lanterns. You can make these trendy cuties in 15 minutes flat. Super easy craft!

Glass vases to DIY lanterns

DIY Rope Lantern Vases



Wrap the jute around the vase at least six times. Cut the twine to match where they will end evenly, leaving an extra inch or so to the end. Put a dot of hot glue on the vase about 1 inch down from the rim and glue the end of the twine to it.

Jute on glass vase

Wrap the twine around three times and then add two jump rings to the twine. Wrap the rest of the twine around the vase and pulling tightly glue the end of the twine to the vase.

Making sure the beginning of the twine and the end glue evenly. Separate your jump rings so they are evenly apart from each other on the vase. Add dots of glue under the twine to secure it from moving.

How to make a rustic lantern

***I only used a small amount of glue to hold my twine to my vases. {I may redo them again in the future}. My vases are really heavy and I do not plan to hang them up anywhere. If you plan to hang your vase or say a mason jar you will need to use a strong glue made for adhering to glass. The hot glue I use for all of my projects is Arrow All Purpose Glue {found at Lowes}. This glue adhered to the glass very easily, although it does not state it is for use on glass.***

DIY Rope Handle

To make the handle, add a large .94 in /24mm ring to the end of the rope. Fold down one side {about 1 1/2 inches} of the rope making a loop and tie the hemp cord in a knot above the loop.

easy jute rope handles

Neatly wrap the hemp cording around the loop until the tail of of the folded rope is secure. You can either tie the end of the hemp in a knot or hot glue your end. I hot glued the end and it stayed down very easily and secure. {If you are going to hang this lantern you should tie the hemp and hot glue it for strength}. Measure how long you want your handle on your vase, then trim and repeat for the other end.

With pliers open the end of the jump rings attached to the vase and add the handle. Close the ring and that’s it! I am now addicted to rope handles and I think I need to add them everywhere. I hope you liked this easy way to add this new trendy style to your home! Enjoy!

DIY Rope Lantern vase wine cork

When I was finished I spied one of my favorite large green lanterns I had been storing my wine corks in and decided it needed a face-lift too!

DIY Nautical Rope Lanterns

Jute Rope Lanterns

outdoor Rope Lantern


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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Featured you at our garden party this morning! Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!

  2. This would make a great girt for my brother’s birthday. I would love it if you would share it on my meet up Monday Blog Party!

  3. Visiting from the Too Cute Tuesday link up. This is SO cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hey, Kim! I LOVE these! So smart to use the jump rings – I never would have thought of that. Also, thank you for sharing this at our first On Display Thursday link party. We were so happy to have you link up and hope you’ll come back again! Have a great weekend. – Bre @ Average But Inspired

  5. These are super cute! They would look great out by the pool. I have some mason jars and other jars that I’ve been saving that work work great. Now all I need is some rope.

  6. I saw something similar in Pottery Barn not long ago but just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. I like the idea of making them ever so much better. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I absolutely love these! I can’t try to do one because I know if I do I’m going to have to put rope handles on everything LOL. Stopping by from the July Blog Hobnob.

  8. Oh I love them!! Yes I have seen these everywhere too! Now I can do something with my stash!! Thanks for sharing at Show & Share! Picked this as my fav!

  9. Wow! What a difference, Kim! It jazzes them up so beautifully! Would love for you to share it at our link up party on my blog please :) They are so pretty!

  10. These are so clever…..I plan a trip to Goodwill today and will look for some vases. What a fun project and great directions.

  11. You are so right about these glass lanterns being everything {and expensive}. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing with Show-Licious!
    ~ Ashley

  12. These are lovely. Pinning – and plan to make some soon! Glad to have found your blog on the Grand Finale of Boost your Posts party!

  13. JaneEllen says:

    Love how these look. shucks, we were at Goodwill today where I saw some perfect glass jars could be used for this. They’re little bigger but beauty of your lanterns is can use whatever size glass containers a person would like. Have some other glass vases like yours but use them for other projects later on, getting harder to find them at thrift stores. Great tutorial and project. Can we ever have too many glass lanterns? Our living room has a beachy/cottage/shabbychic look now so these would look great on our half wall between l/r and kitchen. Happy summer/weekend days

  14. I love this tutorial. I think I may have to do this with some of my glass bottles that I’ve been hoarding.

  15. These are so lovely. I have some jars that this would work well on. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks so much for sharing my post Raquel! I’m glad you liked them!

  16. This is terrific. Such a clever idea. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. ♥

    1. Thanks a bunch Katherine! Glad you liked my lanterns!

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