Easter Basket Filler Ideas: Kid Approved!

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Having trouble with Easter basket fillers? I found the cutest kid approved Easter Basket Filler Ideas, plus a whole lot more to make your holiday easier. For more fun Spring/Easter ideas see my Easter page.

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Today we received the cutest gift from a friend! It was the sweetest Easter baskets with some super fun fillers! When I opened up my gift box, my teen daughter was crazy excited to see Easter basket fillers. Yes, I said, teen daughter.  She literally went straight for the blow-up punch balloons and has been trying to drive us crazy with it all afternoon. So yes, these cute fillers are kid approved.

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The Easter basket filler assortment set has the perfect selection of nostalgic Easter basket items. Who didn’t love paddle ball’s when as a kid? Those fun foam carrots to throw like missiles through your living room on Easter morning are too cute as well. My dogs loved them too. Although I am sure they are not made for pets. We also received a couple of Easter Bunny shaped baskets to hold the filler assortments.

After going over our stash and seeing my daughters reaction to it. I decided to do some research on great ideas for basket fillers. This was always one of my pet peeve’s when making baskets for my kids when they were little. The fillers at the drug stores were cheaply made, fell apart fast or just weren’t that fun. Some of them can be quite pricey too.

I know I am not alone on this quest. So, I put together a list of fun fillers to order online before the big day! And for the busy, last minute Easter parents, I added some premade baskets that looked pretty awesome too.

Easter Basket Filler Ideas: Kid Approved!

Prefilled Easter Baskets

Any one of these fun prefilled Easter baskets would be great for Easter morning. I have my eye on that second one! Yum!

Prefilled Easter Eggs

Prefilled eggs are always the best way to go. Who wants to stuff a ton of eggs for an Easter egg hunt? Not me. These eggs are definitely the way to go. Those eggs with dolls inside would have made me so happy as a kid!

Easter Plush Animals

Oh my goodness! How sweet are those chicks? I always put some kind of stuffed animal in my kid’s baskets. These are all too cute for words.

Miscellanious Easter Basket Filler Favs

All of these goodies would work well in a teen Easter basket. Those squishy eggs look super fun!

Egg Dye Kits

Easter would not be complete without dyed eggs. I added some fun and interesting dye kits to the list to try!

Easter Basket Fillers For Teens

Last but not least I added some super cool teen gift ideas for their Easter baskets. I think I need that peeps shirt, lol!

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Basket fillers recommendations. In our house, most of the time Easter baskets are a last minute Target run.

We rummage through what’s left of the candy aisle and tend to overspend on something that isn’t all that great. Maybe these cute and clever ideas will get you ahead of the game this year! Enjoy!

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