Easy Vine Garland!

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DIY Vine Garland

I just love this! I was putting up the Christmas decor and once again I resorted to Pinterest for my inspiration! I have had my eye on a certain mantel picture below that had this cool large vine hanging underneath it.

Our Living Room Mantel - Christmas 2010... contemporary living room
I have a large kitchen window that I usually try to dress up a little for the holidays. I like a simple look though, since it is the focal point of the kitchen. I took an ordinary vine wreath that I was going to use for another project and made this wonderful garland. I think I may leave it up all year!

Vine Garland


  • 1 18 inch vine wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Random holiday ornaments.


On a vine wreath there is usually a thick vine wrapped around the outside of the wreath to hold it together. Find the end of that vine and just unwrap it. Mine came out looking like a star! I may use that later for something else.

After you have that off. Search around for the beginning of the vine wreath. It is usually the thickest part of the vine. At least on mine it was. Once you find that, then easily, so not to tear off all the small twigs, unwind the wreath. I will not lie it is a little tricky, and it was much like wrestling some large animal. Lol!

Vine Garland

Next stretch the vine out and loosen it up. i Cut off the end that had the thick vines, so it would look the same on both ends. Nice and thin and curly. Pull and stretch to the length you want. Again like wrestling something that is desperately trying to get away from you! If twigs fall off while handling you can always just slip them back into place or wire them back on. I have small white nails on the edges of my window casings, so I can easily change the decor for the season. Cut long pieces floral wire and wrap it around the vine at various pressure points, twist them and secure, then wrap the wire around the nails tightly. Add a few Christmas ornaments and that’s it! It goes perfectly next to my Yarn Snowman!

DIY Ornament Cluster Arrangement


  1. Love the rustic look of this! Thanks so much for linking on Kammy’s Korner! Please add my party button so others can join the fun. Thanks!

  2. Love it! Before I read your post, I was thinking I liked the window better than the mantel! Love it. I’m a new follower from the GC Blog hop! I’ll be back, love your taste!

  3. Cute idea!! I love getting home decor ideas on Pinterest.

  4. Can Do It MOM says:

    Awesome craft, I really like it.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will definitely link up …
    Diane @ Can Do It MOM

  5. That’s a very good idea. I love it. Visiting from Kurtz Corner

  6. This is very pretty !! Great idea…

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